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Excite Audio Lifeline Console v1.1.1.189 WiN - TeamCubeadooby screenshot

TeamCubeadooby | WiN x64 - X86 STANDALONE/VST3/VST2/AAX | 29.9 MB
Instant Analogue Character
The Lifeline series continues with Lifeline Console– a creative modular channel-strip that
brings recordings to life with the warmth and charm of analogue audio processing. While Lifeline Expanse simulates the space and characteristics of real recording environments and re-amping methods, Lifeline Console focuses on mixing in a control room, offering you the sound of sought-after hardware and analogue formats all within your DAW.

Each of the plugin’s five modules brings a particular vintage flavour to your signal chain:

Pre-amp warms and enhances the signal with colourful saturation via a customisable frequency response.

EQ offers characterful spectral shaping with a choice of analogue circuitry.

Compressor makes quick work of dynamics duties and contains an innovative Auto Makeup control.

Modulation imparts the movement and life of warped records and tape speed variations.

Wear adds the charm and imperfections of old-school playback, introducing the noise, artefacts and unpredictable nature of tape, vinyl and cassette.

Whether you’re adding gentle sheen and signal enhancement, degrading a sound into a nostalgic, lo-fi production, or anything in between, there’s a module combination for whatever you need.

Standalones have been given a suitable icon. Original
did not have them. It makes for a better "experience"
in the Windows Taskbar, for one.

Thanks TeamCubeadooby for Release!
Just install. Rock on and enjoy!


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  Banned 25.09.2022 4 33
thanks for sh are
  Contributor 31.03.2014 716 6791
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  Member 21.06.2018 81 10060
  Resident 12.11.2022 1004 1850
thanks for continuing to share from beyond the grave
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Resident 17.01.2018 6 49
quote by Technician1thanks for continuing to share from beyond the grave

  Member 19.12.2019 71
what is the purpose of the standalone version
  Member 26.07.2022 188
You are qjuite right it is stupidly funny nowadays they seem to make standalone versions for a lot of plugins which are really not necessary especially outside of your daw

I am using my studio now and I've tried this out glad I didnt waste my money buying it. For a start there are several plugins that do exactly the same and much much better this in my opinion is just an EQ separated into sections masked with a fancy gui and knobs, thats all and it doesnt do a good job either
  Member 19.12.2019 71
i think the other product from excite audio like vision 4x is useful
but it doesn't have desktop audio capture so it's useless
if it had desktop audio capture i could use it to analyze song from Spotify or youtube
this plugin is useless i can't find a scenario to use maybe guitar routing idk
  Resident 5.10.2012 76
If you haven't checked it yet, try MiniMeters (from directmusic I assume) by Joseph Lyncheski. Same purpose with a slight difference in functionality imho. However, MiniMeters has standalone capabilities that can monitor your system audio, any input, and as a VST3/AU/Clap as stated on their website.

Both tools are super useful. When I'm strictly working inside the DAW, I prefer Vision 4x. Then I switch to MiniMeters when I want to analyze songs from YT, Spotify, etc., or any source outside the DAW.

edit: As for this plugin, I also skipped on this one after trying. Felt like I have some plugins that can do the job as well.
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  Member 19.12.2019 71
i use minimeters it's really helpful but vision 4x has a more detailed spectrogram with more adjustable settings for referencing
  Member 16.04.2015 20 282
This plugin opens for almost 2 minutes and slows down on the screen. An early version opens normally.
  Member 22.02.2014 1 71
You can hear a difference right away specially on the main Mixer Bus.
Tightens up the sound into the center, which of course only hardware mixing can gel the tracks enough into the center field ( no wide mix nonsense as new music has)

The summing presets are okay but need some fine tuning, specially the EQ section as each mix has it's own distinct Bass. Mid, High arrangements.

Not the best plugin but does colour your sound a bit.

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