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DDMF SuperPlugin v. 1.0.6 [MOCHA] screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | VST3 / VST2 / AAX / Standalone | 10.2 MB

Superplugin is, in many ways, a complementary plugin to Metaplugin. Using the same elaborate plugin chaining under the hood, Superplugin is the right choice when you quickly want to create simpler chains (although the built-in 4-band frequency splitter isn’t exactly simple, of course…). With a few clicks you can populate the plugin slots with all your favourite plugins, whether they come in VST, VST3 or AU format.

Superplugin handles the routing for you, everything is automated as far as possible. If you’ve always wanted to create your own custom plugin chains but have been somewhat overwhelmed by all the options Metaplugin has to offer, Superplugin is happy to help you out! As an additional bonus, Superplugin is also available as a standalone app for live playing of software synths & effects.


▬ 4 plugins in serial before a 4x4 multiband block, which is summed and fed into another 4 plugins in serial.
▬ Parallel section either in multiband or in fullband parallel mode.
▬ Easily move or copy plugins to other slots.
▬ Double precision audio processing when supported by DAW and plugin format (not for Audio Units).
▬ Convenient plugin organizer: scan your plugins once, then just drag and drop them onto the graph area.
▬ User preset section for cross-DAW preset management.
▬ Internal bridge from 32 to 64 bit and vice versa, with seamless plugin window integration: load 32 bit plugins in ProTools or LogicPro X without the need for a 3rd party bridging solution (for OSX: only up to Catalina!).
▬ For OSX: internal bridge to load non-native Intel plugins in a native Silicon host.
▬ Support for native Apple Audio Unit plugins.
▬ Standalone version: play software synths and custom patches without the need for a DAW
▬ Individual bypass for each loaded plugin.
▬ Full plugin delay compensation included.
▬ Automate up to 100 parameters by mapping them on any parameter of a loaded plugin.
▬ Negligible additional CPU overhead.
▬ Synths can also be loaded and played with any MIDI control, which means you can create custom synthesizers with existing building blocks.
▬ Up to 16 x oversampling during realtime playback and 64 x oversampling during offline rendering.
▬ Can be used as a VST (2 or 3) to AU wrapper, a VST (2 or 3) to AAX wrapper or an AU to AAX wrapper.

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This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ

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  Banned 4.06.2022 105 757
At first glance and consideration, I was thinking this was like Blue Cat's Patchwork and it is, only it's not. Seems like a worthy addition, so in it goes. Thank you. All versions working well; so far so good. The .aaxplugin folders have a populated 32 bit folder inside, each, that you can delete. I already made the no call home anywhere version here - this is exactly like all the other DDMF in that regard, including the 70.32 hard-coded i.p. address. So, pay attention to comments about networking as in previous DDMF. Rock on everybody. Thanks again.

You can drag and drop plugins to the left side, from Windows Explorer. Drag them from there to a slot. Double-click the slot to open the plugin's GUI.
  Resident 28.05.2018 1 114
Wow! That was quick. First class and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.
  Member 14.12.2014 266
Can this be used for VTS2 32bit to VST3 64 bit wrapper? Anybody know this? I cannot find it, or looking in the wrong places?
  Banned 4.06.2022 105 757
Indeed, it seems that it can. I loaded Blue Cat's Patchwork x64 standalone, then loaded Superplugin x64 instance in it, and I can drag/drop 32 bit VST2 to it and load them in slots well, without issue.

It even has specific scans for just bridged files, too.
  Member 27.04.2022 362
Not by itself, By itself it does 64 and VST3.
But cubey offers you a workaround.
...and something about bridged?
  Resident 8.06.2021 513
Incredible tool. Thanks Mocha & Oly
Delete this comment
  Member 27.04.2022 362
I'm blown away. I've never seen anything like it.
I've imagined things like it, and I've heard of something about blue cats,
but this is a fantasy come true.

Its just drag and drop.
  Member 2.01.2019 1 114
Wow, I'm glad I watched that video and read the comments, or I would have missed something important about oversampling certain plugins that don't support it, like Waves. Here is the top comment from Paul Third, which the video author replies agreeing that he missed-

"I would double check your frequency response in doctor man. Omni channel is only supported upto 96khz so 48khz x2 OS. From my experience with metaplugin if you oversample waves plugins past their supported sample rate then the frequencies multiply (50hz hpf becomes 100hz, 1k boost becomes 2k etc etc) so as much as your aliasing decreases your frequency response has actually shifted x2 as well. Id double check that as its an important thing to keep in mind when oversampling with ddmf."

And sure enough, the frequencies had jumped double when 4x oversampling was applied. So, you'll have to stick with x2 oversampling and check in PluginDoctor when trying to push other plugins further that the frequencies don't double.
  Resident 28.05.2018 1 114
If you want to keep on top of OS Waves plugins they have a handy web page:
  Member 29.11.2020 26 1480
Thanks for this, kinda in need for this since the Waves Superrack has weird VST3 scan problem that wont update the list.

Weird Behavior
The higher the real-time oversampling, the lower the plugin latency gets. In Cubase. It suppose to be the other way around no ? Strange. Can anyone pls test and see if it happens to you as well, or anyone with explanation.
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Resident 5.08.2014 279
It's fine, the higher the sample rate, latency gets decreased.
  Member 29.11.2020 26 1480
yeah I know, is this right ? for as long as been doing this, any plugin ever it always the other way around, the opposite. Just wondering if it is a bug from the dev, plugin reporting the latency wrong. It could cause problem if it does.
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Banned 4.06.2022 105 757
He is saying that is how it works universally, and not just about the plugin itself. Think about it like this extreme for easy mind-picturing:

1 Hz sample rate: Here is one * here is another * one more * another *

Look at all the time that passed from each sample. A lot can happen in there, like cause latency.

A trillion Hz sample rate: ****** Nothing can happen in between, i.e. no latency.

Of course, CPU abilities are a factor, and I'm sure there are mathematicaengineering graphs of algorithms. It's all about the -proper- maths.
  Member 3.06.2018 54
the main app and the plugin crash at launch. i suspect a timebomb sort of thing. deleting the settings file does not help. anybody else with the same issue?
  Member 8.01.2022 11
Please any help would be welcomed. This plugin started well, but I needed to clear some older DDMF plugins.. after that never worked again Superplugin. Can't open and crashes my Studio One. I tried to clean everything and reinstall.. Nothing, I checked the ddmf. eu and was there but couldn't work. Then blocked the access from Windows Firewall.. again nothing. It only works if I yake out the cable that connects to internet. Its the first time a pluhin that does that. Older DDMF Metaplugin works nicely. Please any ideas would be welcomed...I love this plugin

---So I solved the problem by re installing Studio One...I don't know why but this worked!!!
  Member 8.01.2022 11
[quote=karagiozis]Please any help would be welcomed. This plugin started well, but I needed to clear some older DDMF plugins.. after that never worked again Superplugin. Can't open and crashes my Studio One. I tried to clean everything and reinstall.. Nothing, I checked the ddmf. eu and was there. Then blocked the access from Windows Firewall.. again nothing.. Older DDMF Metaplugin works nicely. Please any ideas would be welcomed...I love this plugin
OR.. please an update to fix any problems

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