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Windows, outdated
GEAR PRO v6.01 Mastering Edition-PARADOX screenshot
PARADOX | 11 June 2002 | WinALL | 5,7 MB
GEAR PRO Mastering Edition for DVD/CD/Tape/Jukebox v6.01. Multi-media production pre-mastering and mastering technology.

GEAR Pro Mastering Edition for DVD/CD-RW/Tape (our Windows flagship product) has all of the features of the GEAR Professional Edition and much more. Mastering Edition additionally supports DVD-9, -10 and -18, and converts images to pre-master tape in DDP and Cutting Master Format (CMF). The Mastering Edition also provides the capability to save mastered images to the hard drive for easy posting to FTP. Designed especially for mastering and production houses and their customers, GEAR Pro Mastering Edition is a complete solution for the production of data, audio and video projects. The Mastering Edition supports the latest UDF and ISO formats as well as support for RockRidge for the production of DVD and CD, utilizing a full array of recording and jukebox devices.

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Memories from a time when software was small, efficient, fast and not CPU hogs unlike todays CPU resource hungry programs hundreds of Mb and GB sizes, the bigger the storage drives the bigger the programs become, WTF is in store for us when the Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte and Yottabyte storage systems come out. When are the new software developers ever going to become halfway intelligent an start developing efficient programs again, I guess that is an impossible accomplishment for so many of them to accomplish as they might have to become dedicated, knowledgeable and intelligent.

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