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Sonible Smartlimit v1.1.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2022.05.24 | 15.8 MB
The content-aware limiter - Keeping Loudness and Dynamics in tune
smart:limit delivers limiter settings that let your mix breathe and gives you all the loudness and dynamics info you need for confident publishing.

Combining what belongs together
Straightforward “set – check – publish”
smart:limit is all about worry-free limiting: Its intelligent processing will preserve the detail of your track and provide a transparent, uncompromised limiting quality. With smart:limit's extensive loudness and dynamics monitoring, you won’t have to use any additional metering plug-ins. Besides providing you with all the necessary loudness information in real-time for confident publishing, smart:limit guides you towards hitting the safe zone requirements of streaming platforms or loudness standards – and gives you feedback via interactive Quality Check hints.

Transparent sound with just one click
AI-powered parametrization for confident limiting
Speed up your workflow with smart:limit. The plug-in analyzes your signal and finds limiting parameters that let your mix breathe – all in just a few seconds. By choosing a genre-based profile that fits your mix, you can prime the smart:limit for different limiting characteristics. Or instead, upload a reference track, if you are aiming for a specific limiting style. You can use smart:limit with or without the automatic parametrization – or go for a combination of both.

Everything under control in real-time
All the information you need

Extend the Loudness Monitoring section to access an extensive information hub on loudness and dynamics: Here you will find all relevant loudness readouts, visual guidance regarding different publishing targets and information on the dynamics of your track. With the revolutionary Instant Impact Prediction feature you won’t have to restart the loudness measurements every time you change a parameter – the change will be reflected in real-time without having to repeatedly play back the entire input signal.
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Vibe is in the detail
Shape your sound to perfection

When your sound is in need of a little bit of extra vibe, smart:limit has got you covered. Use the Style dial to freely choose between either a soft or hard limiting style. Play with Saturation to add some subtle warmth or to really inflate your signal. Adapt the Balance to give your track that perfect spectral polish prior to publishing and tweak the Bass Control for a rich and compact low end.

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A witch says,

Sonible stopped using WrapWarden (PACE Wrapper). Legit users should have better performance than before, it almost works like R2R edition :)

It should be easy to crack Mac version now. It does not require you to unpack and rebuild Mach-O executables.
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  Member 29.12.2017 118
nice R2R
  Resident 11.08.2012 10 193
I literally was searching for that version RIGHT NOW, and here it is!
Come back, on the fonky track
  Member 4.02.2015 7 266
This limiter is stellar !
  Resident 9.04.2013 2 427
Compared to fabfilter Lim? Can you rate it?
  Member 8.12.2014 5
Yes it can run laps around fabfilter ai functionality as well as intelligent responses to your levels its like having a mastering engineer telling you its too quite raise it up a lil :)
  Member 14.03.2016 3 154
Fabfilter sounds better and can raise rms much better than this one, just my 2cents for electronic loud music.
  Resident 14.05.2017 490
I'm uninstalling the previous versions before installing these new Sonible versions, while searching for leftovers i found two dll files with Sonible name on it but i'm not 100% sure if it's related to that, anyone knows? Can i remove those two dlls? I found absolutely nothing online. Files are "sonible_onnxruntime.dll" and "sonible_custom_op_library.dll",
both are on C:\Windows\System32, i uninstalled the apps properly so it's strange that i still find leftovers especially on this directory.
  Member 27.02.2022 137
Drag them out by copying them inside a new folder and if there is a problem roll them back . Also use REVO UNINSTALLER or IOBIT UNINSTALLER to do the job in the future ( if you are not using them allready ) .
  Resident 14.05.2017 490
I use iobit every time but i never found leftovers on system32 dir so i wasn't sure if they are related to Sonible, i already moved them on another directory, now i'm about to install all the new versions and see if the installations will install those dlls or if it simply works even without those.
  Member 19.12.2019 306
te funcionan bien las nuevas versiones?
  Resident 18.08.2018 431
My favorite master limiter! Working well W10 - S1 5.5 vst3
(uninstalled previous version first)

Thank you!

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