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3delite MP4 Stream Editor v3.4.5.4048 WiN screenshot
P2P | 31 January 2022 | 265 MB
MP4 Stream Editor is an MP3 cutter/splitter/joiner/editor, and multi channel audio file editor and music manager, an all in one tool for MP3s and audio files. Main advantage over other audio editors is that you edit (MPEG - MP3, MP2; Ogg Vorbis, Opus, DSD DSF and DFF) files without decoding (without loosing quality), graphicaly on a 3D sample display easely with a mouse. Multi channel AC3, AAC, MP4, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, etc.

audio files are also supported for editing. Cut, copy, paste, paste mix, insert silence, change selection volume, apply DSP and VST DSP plugin effects..[

You have the option to repair corrupted MP3 files, free encode, re-encode, convert to MP3/MP2/AAC/MP4/WMA/Flac/Ogg Vorbis/Opus/Monkey's Audio/Apple Lossless/AC3/WAV, cut and join MP3s, tag MP3s and audio files with a professional ID3v2, APEv2, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Flac and WMA tag editor with cover art manager, directly record MP3/WMA/Flac/AAC/MP4/Apple Lossless/WAV streams from 'what you here/stereo mixer' (for example record audio from youtube, WASAPI loopback recording) or use any command line encoder to record to any format.

MP4 Stream Editor is also a fully featured audio file player, with playlist support, WinAmp DSP, VST DSP and visualisation plugin support (Sonique, WMP) and with full support for multi channel audio files with matrix mixing output.

There is a full-screen currently playing song information display, with HD and Ultra HD (4K) support, in MP4 Stream Editor making it suitable for music TV broadcasts.

An all in one music manager and jukebox for audio related tasks.

• The installer is bundled with Context Menu Audio Converter
• Search for and download movie details from The Movie Data Base for MP4 files
• Window display scaling support
• New 'Organize Music Files From Folder' tool
• Support of HLS internet audio streams
• User interface style system
• Edit ID3v2 tags for DSD .dff files
• Native DSD editor and native DSD player mode through DSD enabled ASIO devices
• Convert DSD DFF audio files to DSF format (multi channel supported)
• Native support of decodeless editing of DSD .dff and .dsf audio files (DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512)
• Support of playing/editing DSD .dff and .dsf audio files (DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512)
• New functionality: full-screen currently playing song information (HD/Ultra HD compatible) for broadcast
• Tagging support (ID3v2) of DSD .dsf audio files
• Full support of WAV LIST INFO, BEXT and CART tags (RF64 WAV files are also supported)
• Output information casting server now supports multiple login accounts each with custom rights
• Option to control casting server by client (play/pause/stop/previous/next)
• Option to select channels to edit, when editing in channels mode DSP efect plugins can be applied to selected channels only
• Option to save selection in channels mode (only selected channels will be saved)
• New "Sonogram" sample display mode with adjustable scale and FFT resolution
• New sample edit command "Reverse" to reverse the selection
• New sample edit command "Change tempo" to apply "time-warping" to the selection (changes the sound to play at faster or slower speed than original, without affecting the sound pitch)
• New sample edit command "Change pitch" (changes the sound pitch or key, without affecting the sound tempo or speed)
• New effect plugin "UnDistort" to fix distorted audios, repair demaged audio, remove artifacts from audio files
• Output casting information (meta data) server option with full meta data, cover art, chat and download song option
• Cast output server option with Shoutcast/Icecast casting support
• Encoding to AC3 format
• Record output functionality with re-mixing and encoding preset system support
• Decodeless edit support for Ogg Vorbis and Opus audio files
• Full support of Ogg Flac audio files
• Search for lyrics with Google
• New default icon theme
• New commands for 'Detailed tag editing': look-up tags and cover art from beatport.com and amazon.com
• Reduced sample display's memory usage by 50%
• Encoding to Windows Media Audio (Professional) format
• Loading support of ID3v2.2 tags (they are converted to ID3v2.3)
• Added option to listen and save multiple internet audio streams at the same time
• Full support for WMA tags including detailed tag editing and cover art manager
• Support for WASAPI (loopback) mode audio recording
• Detailed encoding options for Flac format and full support for Flac tags with detailed editing and managing of cover arts
• Support for ASIO and WASAPI audio output mode
• Encode list accepts all supported audio file formats and defaults to 'Automatic tag' mode that is all the supported tag formats are converted to the destination file format's tags
• New encoding target QAAC (Apple's MP4 implementation) and support for encoding to Apple Lossless format
• Sample precise editing in WAV (non-MPEG) mode
• 'Sound search' functionality: find occurrances of an audio clip in the opened stream
• Full support for Ogg Vorbis audio files including detailed tag editing with support for cover arts
• Full support for Opus audio files including detailed tag editing with support for cover arts
• Cover art thumbnail list view mode for the stream list
• Reading-writing support for MP4 tags (detailed edit and cover art manager too)
• True gapless playback
• Support for the new Opus audio codec (opening, playing, encoding to and CD ripping to)
• 6 new DSP effect plugins
• All plugins support multiple instances
• Sample edit commands to apply MP4 Stream Editor and VST DSP effect plugins
• Direct3D sample display rendering is multi threaded
• Multi channel editing option for all the supported audio formats
• Encoding to AAC/MP4
• Full support for RF64 WAV audio files
• Freely configurable matrix mixing with savable profiles
• VST DSP plugin support
• Detailed advanced search functionality
• Customize Stream List columns display
• Detailed ID3v2 tag editor
• APEv2 tag support in Tag editor, Multi Tagger and album info
• Audio system rewritten for BASS 2.4 and implemented a main mixer channel
• Sample display switched to TGraphDisplay3D
• Loading and saving of ID3v2.4 tags
• Option to edit WMA Tags
• Album cover picture formats supported: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
• MP3 cutting is more precise
• On program exit playlist status is saved and playback is resumed on program start
• Audio CD cover printing option
• Unicode support
• Improved secondary display full screen visualisation
• Updated Filesystem Dialogs (with unicode support)

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