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Reason RE Unfiltered Audio G8 Dynamic Gate v1.2.0-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 15 Jan 2022 | 77.0MB
G8 is a high-quality noise gate with many advanced and useful features, including CV control over everything, Hysteresis, a Reject Output, a Flip Mode, and more. Without a doubt, G8 is the most fully featured noise gate available for Reason.

Use it for noise removal, transient shaping, amplitude-dependent effects routing, glitchy rhythms, and much more. A large number of presets and combinator patches will get you started!

NEW IN 1.2: G8 is officially zero-latency now that an unintended single-sample delay has been removed. The lookahead display has also been made more precise to allow for better control.

Gating is an effect commonly used to reduce audio noise by only allowing signals over a certain amplitude threshold to pass. Generally, this is used to eliminate unwanted noise from tracks, but it can also be used for exaggerated stuttering rhythms and all sorts of other creative dynamic effects.

G8 is a gate with quite a few tricks up its sleeve:
-Variable gain reduction means that G8 is not an "all-or-nothing" gate like most. Instead, it can be used for very subtle dynamic sculpting.

-Hysteresis adds a "bottom threshold" that your sound has to go below before the gate closes back up. This can prevent a lot of unwanted stutters that would occur if your sound's amplitude is extremely close to your threshold value.

-A "Flip" switch reverses the behavior of G8, instead permitting only sounds below the threshold to go through. Combine this with the variable gain reduction, and you have the ability to create a fairly unusual compressor.

-A Sidechain Input allows you to modify one signal's dynamics with a completely different signal. Want a rhythmic synth part? Place a drum loop into the sidechain and listen to the magic happen.

-A Reject Output allows you to monitor the signals that don't make it through the gate. Want to distort only the loudest parts of your drums? Want to create a dynamics-based panner? Now you can.

-RMS and Peak metering means that you can choose whichever style sounds best on your signal.

-Speaking of metering, G8 has what might be the most detailed meters in Reason. These meters have over 200 stages, allowing you to set the threshold meter to exactly the right spot. In addition to the meters, each control has an oversized knob with value displays.

-In true Unfiltered Audio fashion, every parameter in G8 has full CV control. The Threshold meter animates with the CV value so you can get a better feel for what your modulation is doing.

-Lookahead time allows you to "anticipate" oncoming attacks. G8 can be used as a transient shaper by manipulating this value along with attack and release times.

-CV Trigger Input and Output allow you to trigger G8 manually or to trigger other devices whenever the threshold is crossed.

-CV Curve Output sends the current value of G8's internal gating envelope allowing you to use it on other devices.

-A preset system allows you to store and recall all of your favorite patches, including many presets for a variety of instruments and situations.

-G8 comes with many combinator patches showing examples of multiband gating, amplitude-dependent distortion, gated reverb, CV manipulation, transient shaping, and many other useful configurations.

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