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Windows, Mac OSX

FKFX Influx - Synth & MIDI
FKFX Influx is an instant "Sonic Retox" engine. The resonator module (FLUX) goes thru a Low Pass and a Tube distortion. Flux resonator Note and Dry/Wet have their dedicated editors.

FKFX Influx lets you create new grooves from your current input. Selecting "WET ONLY" will output only the transformed part of the signal.

FKFX Influx comes with 82 Factory preset, plus 128 Extra preset you can get for free directly from Heat Audio facebook (link in preset list), so 210 presets.

Flux Resonator: multi-point LFO Editor on resonator note.
Flux Chaos: Resonator realtime re-fuel with audio input.
Flux Center Note: Select the root note for the Flux Resonator, with optional MIDI control.
Flux Scale Snap: 38 automatic scale modes: Off / Octave / I-V / I-IV / I-IV-V / Tetratonic / Tetratonic minor / Tritonic / Major Pentatonic / Suspended Pentatonic / Blues Minor Pentatonic / Blues Major Pentatonic / Minor Pentatonic / Miyako-Bushi / Iwato / Hirajoshi / Insen / Whole Tone / Blues Common / Enigmatic / Persian / Ionian / Dorian / Phrygian / Lydian / Mixolydian / Aeolian / Locrian / Harmonic Minor / Melodic Minor / Phrygian 6 / Lydian Augmented / Lydian Dominant / Mixolydian b6 / Locrian 2 / Altered Min Scale / Harmonic Major / Chromatic.
Flux Stereo: adds stereo pitch shift between left and right Flux Resonator.
Flux LFO: controls Low Pass Filter.
LFO Rate: From 4 Bars to 16th, with polyrhythmic rate (i.e. 5th, 7th).
Low Pass Filter: can be controlled with Flux Resonator LFO.
16 Waveshapers
Tube Distortion
Low Cut Filter: Remove low rumble from signal.
Gain: Sets post distortion gain, 48dB/+48dB, exponential.
Dry/Wet Maximum
Dry/Wet LFO Editor
WET ONLY switch: get only the resonator wet signal.
FULL WET button, with extra strike animation.
Editor Tools: Smooth, Normalize, Flip, Chop, Roll, Pencils, snap modes, etc..
Editor Modes: Point edit mode, and a global Select Mode.
Preferences on OpenGL animations, MIDI Note, MIDI Thru.
Vumeters: Input and Output Vu Meter.
Preset Manager
Preset Locking option: Locks part of the plugin, so to stay unchanged on preset load.
Links to Extra 128 presets from HEAT Audio (in preset list)

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It's a great plug-in. Using for several months.
  Resident 7.01.2008 1239
At first glance / impression: not bad and even free. Let's test it. Thanks to the developer of FKFX Influx and also thanks to all uploaders
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