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Reason RE McDSP C670 Compressor v1.0.4-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2021.09.25 | 63.32 MB
The C670 Rack Extension plug-in is a surprisingly flexible compressor in a three knob package. Modeled after vintage equipment valued at over $30,000, the C670 is as classic as they come, in a far more reliable software version complemented by new features not found in the original device.

The C670 Rack Extension plug-in is a dynamic range control machine of awesomeness.

The C670 is ideal for master buss tracks and instrument groups, when operated at this default time constant control setting. The time constant control, when set to faster settings (turn it to the left), is useful for drums and other highly transient material. Got synths? Fire that phat bass line through the C670 and feel the power ! Drum loop not cutting it ? The C670 will give it that needed vibe. Recording a 120 piece orchestra ? Wow really? Ok no sweat. Crank the time constant circuit to the max (all the way to the right) for a smooth compression recovery that will make a classical music snob cheer.

Yep, the C670 can do all that. And with three controls. How does it do it ? Multi-stage processing. We could tell you more, but then we'd have to kill you. Suffice to say we have engineers that obsess about how to make awesome compressors.

The C670. Get some awesome.

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A witch says,

You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder.
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB RE McDSP C670 Compressor v1.0.4-R2R
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  Member 24.10.2013 110
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 16.02.2014 127
where are the expansions? missing that reason studios package. the cache builder is basically worthless without teh actual expansions (that need to also be cracked)
  Member 27.11.2019 3 106
But this McDSP is an expansion...
  Resident 8.03.2014 2 204
Thanks a lot for the work Decibelle and R2R hope come more
  Member 18.07.2018 180
I am not seeing this one in the rack list like the others. Is this working for you all?
  Member 4.02.2020 24
Working like a charm
  Member 18.07.2018 180
Ok tried again and this time it worked. Maybe I forgot to run the cache builder. All good!

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