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Mesa+ Add v1.21 WiN screenshot
WiN | 261.35MB
Add is a multi purpose phrase-sampler that combines a powerful sampler (Sound Engine) with a Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS).

Add has been equally designed for use in a live performance or as a creative compositional tool, it enables you to quickly create original sequences whilst improvising with your MIDI-keyboard. It is 8-part multi-timbral, each part containing its own RPS and Sound Engine.

The Sound engine works like a PCM tone generator and is composed of 4 Keygroups, each with a separate synth engine. This allows you to easily combine and layer sounds in order to rapidly create new and sophisticated timbres. An integrated Keygroup editor makes it a simple task to load and map your samples.

The RPS has been designed to "enhance and inspire musical composition". Amongst other functions, it can be used to harmonize or re-arrange music directly using your MIDI keyboard. An editor maps sequences within MIDI notes ranges, ready to be triggered via MIDI in several different modes. MIDI effects such as Quantize-swing, Arpeggiator and Humanization have been deeply studied in order to match MIDI sequences in any type of musical styles.

Add comes with its own unique sound library, which provides sequences and sound-patches. These will be constantly updated.

Sound-engine features:

8 parts multi-timbral phrase sampler.
4 sound layers per part with a independent synth-engine each.
32-bit sampler engine.
338 soundsets, 53 drumkits, 770 MIDI clips.
Loads 16/24/32-bit @ 44.1/48/88/96kHz mono/stereo WAV files.
Play-mode: mono, legato, poly.
Polyphonic and monophonic glide.
2 or 8 stereo output.
A keygroup can contain up to 128 velocity splits.
Flexible keygroup-editor loads and maps wavs.
Filter lp/hp/2xbp/notch/hs/ls/eq.
2 exp.-envelopes with adjustable slope.
2 step LFOs which can be synchronized to the host BPM.
Velocity and notes messages are hardwired to several parameters (level, pan, pitch, sample-start) via a unique scale editor.
Built-in filter-delay effect with BPM-host synch option.
4 assignable macros knobs.
RPS-engine features:

128 clips (patterns) for each of the 8 patches.
Each clip can be assigned to a certain range.
Clip can be played via MIDI in legato/split/polyphonic mode.
Full-featured pianoroll editor.
Undo/redo copy/paste function.
Import standard MIDI files.
Integrated MIDI humanizer effect.
Advance swing-quantizer functions.

After installation, copy the folder from the archive to the installation location with the replacement files.

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