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LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional v1.3.3 READ NFO-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 10 Jan 2021 | 33.8MB
Seventh Heaven Professional is a Fusion-IR reverb dedicated to the reproduction of the most sought after hardware reverberation tool of a generation – the Bricasti M7. It combines the realism of Fusion-IR with an extensive multi-sampling of the legendary hardware reverb.

Heaven Professional's advanced digital signal processing techniques intertwine with controls that closely mirror those of the M7 presenting the freedom of an algorithmic reverb with the breathtaking clarity and authenticity of a Fusion-IR reverb.

Production techniques that were previously impossible with a convolution reverb can be accomplished with ease. It allows the musician to change reverb early reflection patterns, decay times, delays, and the tone of the roll-off filters just as thousands of leading producers do on the actual M7 hardware. All in a beautiful, modern and immediately approachable graphical interface.


* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.
* You need the decrypted library released by R2R.

Believe or not - LiquidSonics products have the strongest protection in the
iLok line. Especially, this SeventhHeavenProfessional has insane protection.
We are sure LiquidSonics guys will surprised by checking our release, All of
their multi layered hardcore encryptions are gone!

Here is cryptographic information :

* 232 presets, each preset has 20 - 60 IRs inside (all encrypted) and config
file (encrypted by different way).
* 3 system IRs (encrypted).

* Multiple encrypted data inside DLL.
* 770 files encrypted in Alloy1.fsyn.
* Multi-layered crypto in Dump/Diffuse IR.

* System IR encryption for multiple usage (more than 200 files).
* Factory presets encryption.

* Only some encryption :D

Again: When MetaFortress is dead, all other part does nothing to cracker.

To some guys who love conspiracy or speculation:

* AudioUTOPiA and R2R are different group.
* We have no contact with AiR or other real scene groups.
* iLok is always targeted by crackers because most audio apps use it. Not
because it's easy. It is worth spending time to defeat. You can remember
WIBU CodeMeter had enough interests from us last year :)
* There are always reasons if you miss something.

For Mac Users:

* PACE Protector does not support new Mac M1 processor currently. It means
all of current iLok protected application will be depricated in years. We
won't spend any human resource to them.
* In real world, application without valid notarization can't be labeled as
"Catalina / BigSur Ready". To respect the Apple's decision, we release
Mac version only when we don't need to modify the binary. In other words,
our current Mac releases work as-it-is.

download from free file storage
click to show download links
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.
audioz mirror
http://http://peeplink.in/8b78d4f02911 Peeplink password: iMeJbC


  Resident 19.06.2019 2 119
When everyone left us alone, when our loved ones and friends left, no one was with us except you and a secret force R2R...Your name with a few other names (AUDIOUTOPIA, Team Air, AUDIOZ) are the ones that I never forget...You are from my best memories...I'm impressed by your generosity and I want to share my knowledge with others as much as I can
Thank you and be well and healthy...
Congrats everyone !
And of course I think We need a dancing emoji here ASAP!
  Member 15.09.2014 53
Blummin ek!! Thanks sooo much
  Member 23.08.2015 112

I truly belive this Xmas/New Year and Januari 2021 is the best EVER!!
  Resident 2.12.2015 317 675
With that spelling of January indeed things are looking very positive lool
  Member 14.10.2019 7
its dutch
  Resident 2.12.2015 317 675
Oh thanks! I didn't know
  Member 23.08.2015 112
Almost my friend, Swedish :)
  Member 17.07.2018 149
r2r best grp ever
  Member 14.12.2019 2 109
Mmama HooHoo!
  Resident 17.01.2012 11 581
Dear R2R, you guys are insane! Thank you so much for all your impressive work and dedication.
You wrote new chapter in scene history.
  Member 6.06.2013 95
Jeez, the new year wave has become a neverending tsunami! You guyz good?
“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”
  Member 12.11.2018 32
Drowning but we'll survive
  Resident 16.11.2013 11 570
Looove you guys!!!

thank you!

  Member 23.12.2017 121
I Felt this in my heart, Thank You R2R This means the world really
  Member 28.12.2018 28
If only companies would sell their products for reasonable prices, without spending precious development time on useless "protections" that ultimately end up slowing down the software.
  Member 17.07.2018 149
The file sizes of the cracked liquidsonics plugins are way smaller than the orignal ones. Tons and tons of encryption.
  Resident 16.03.2013 502

Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Member 1.04.2015 1 66
MetaFortress is dead

Thank you.
You made history

s/o to the runners carrying more and more heavy weaponry...
The Crusade Continues
  Member 5.06.2020 1
  Member 8.03.2016 221
Loved the NFO!! R2R I cannot thank you enough for this!!
MY GEAR: Only Hi-End HW sonically engineered for us cats which you've probably never heard about and will never have access to, cuz we r awesome and u suk.
  Member 20.07.2017 36
Hi Seventh Heaven!!!
  Member 19.09.2016 12
Thanks DECiBELLE, and R2R again.
  Member 16.07.2014 151
Goodness know how they manage to reverse all this stuff! It must take an incredible amount of effort and ingenuity!
  Member 30.01.2017 11
I'm in... seventh heaven (ba dum tss), thank you R2R! When I saw Neural DSP plugins, I thought that nothing can beat that and yet you amazed me even more!
  Member 14.12.2014 181
nice. the wave ain't over!
  Member 20.03.2020 57
There are no more words. R2R has simply reached the pinnacle of each era with this week. They have released only extraordinary gems, and they rise to the greatest team of all time, absolutely GOAT.
  Resident 1.07.2015 493
Just astonishing! Amazing release after another after another. We get mountains every day. Thanks a lot, (A-) Team R2R & DECiBELLE!

Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Resident 16.11.2013 11 570
Working like charm...
After Softube wave, today is a LiquidSonics day.
Dear R2R.... please.... do not stop this fkng awesome train!!

  Member 28.11.2016 666
Nice info in the .NFO.. thanks R2R!
  Member 30.11.2020 149
what are you doin here ? I thought you said convolution reverb sucks ? hahahah
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques

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