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Windows, Mac OSX
Overloud Gem Voice v1.0.1 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 19 Sep 2020 | WiN: 93.9MB | OSX: 125.0MB
A comprehensive vocal production plug-in based on analog processors
VOICE is the new Gem plug-in designed for vocal processing.
VOICE offers a comprehensive and streamlined vocal production workflow, based on analog processors

a Mic Preamplifier (4 models)
a Tape Simulator (3 tapes + 3 special modes)
a Vocal Enhancer
a De-Boxer and a De-Esser
a Dynamic Processor with compressors (5 models) and an expander-gate
an Equalizer (5 models)
a Space Processor / Reverb Unit
an Analog Delay
a Master Section with an optional Limiter
an inteactive Dynamic Display
an interactive EQ Display

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  Resident 23.06.2013 1 413
Again, they Strike, Legends...
  Resident 30.06.2016 3 159
Thanks, DECiBELLE, although this might have another Overloud installing problem, Cheers
  Resident 7.01.2008 1126
Best thanx R2R & DECiBELLE for your hard work in making it possible for all of us to try out these great audio programs
  Member 12.01.2018 1 57
Thank you! Works perfectly on Mac-Mojave-10.14.6 & Logic 10.5.1
  Member 22.09.2020 2
How did you do it? I followed the instructions but still not successful.
  Member 21.10.2013 60
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 18.03.2016 110
proper. respect
  Resident 24.09.2014 4 155
which macaddress should i use? i have tried Wifi, Usb, and my ethernet .. none working on my mac :(
be Grateful for all these warez !!
  Member 12.01.2018 1 57
go to system preferences, open the network, then go to advanced, then the hardware tab. enter the MAC Address only using numbers and letters.
  Resident 24.09.2014 4 155
Finally did it, here's how:
1.turn on ethernet
2. generate the license, put in the GEMS folder

voila .. thanks R2R
be Grateful for all these warez !!
  Member 25.03.2014 3 331
  Member 5.04.2019 100
Thank you R2R for Mac version and DECiBELLE for bringing the goods
  Member 20.06.2018 28
Not showing me any .ol2 file when i generate. nothing. tried ethernet and wifi mac address. overloud is always trouble
  Member 3.01.2018 2 23
I'm generating .ol2 allways with windows and not on mac (hackintosh)
  Member 20.06.2018 28
i use keygen via crossover have no pc
  Member 5.04.2019 100
I use Wine which puts the file in *Your User Name*/Wine Files/drive_c/users/*Your User Name*/Desktop. I don't know why, but the Overloud keygens always end up there for me and don't let you choose where to put the file.
  Member 20.06.2018 28
Thats it! Just checked and you where right. found it! thx!
  Resident 21.06.2011 3 606
Save yourself a lot of headaches: when generating the license, and the browser window opens to ask you where to save the license to, always pick "My Computer", which should open up a list of Windoze drives (A-Z), pick "Z" (your Mac drive), then pick "Users" from the list of folders, then pick your user drive name, then pick "Desktop". If you did it correctly, the ".ol2" license file will appear on your desktop.
  Member 23.05.2018 1 11
Did you fine out where crossover drops the licence?
Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4.
Once that is granted, all else follows.
  Member 6.02.2016 9 278
crossover drops it into crossover userprofile desktop of bottle you decided to run through
High Sierra Hackintosh (i7-5820K @4.3GHz, ASUS X99-S, HDSPe AIO)
  Member 22.08.2013 161
I did everything as prescribed.
Still Demo!
Someone help! Thank you!
macOS Catalina
Logic Pro X 0.4.8
Thanks for uploading!
The rest of Overloud works!-Gem ECHOSON,Gem Sculptube,TH-U,TH3

The link shows the images

Thanks for all the help.
  Resident 23.11.2016 3 231
Block before running installer and opening plug:
1) open Terminal
2) enter: sudo nano /etc/hosts
3) enter pass
4) directly below line with localhost, type: (hit tab)
5) Hit CTRL+O to save.

Then run installer, launch plug, get demo window, GEM folder will be created in User directory, place license in GEMS folder, relaunch DAW, good to go.
  Resident 23.11.2016 3 231
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 22.09.2020 2
Hi, I followed the instructions as listed and did a couple of try as well but not successfull. See screenshot screenshot Appreciate any help. Thanks
  Member 11.11.2014 4 107
I blocked via Handsoff but when I'm connected to the wifi the plugin deletes the generated license file and messages me to activate ... MacOs Mojave
  Resident 23.11.2016 3 231
see my update above.
  Member 11.11.2014 4 107
that worked! really appreciate you help <3
  Resident 1.04.2015 110
Thanks a lot for the Mac release
  Resident 31.05.2014 411
Wow, this is nice, sounds great
Thanks, DECiBELLE and R2R
  Member 15.12.2018 55
working fine here os 10.13.6, thank you

odd that they dont allow repositioning of the modules!

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