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Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 v1.8.0 WiN screenshot
P2P | 27 July 2020 | 58 MB
Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 is a proven music software to edit, rip, organize and burn music and sounds in general. You can even design fitting covers for your projects, create device-compatible playlists or turn your songs into the perfect mix tape for your next party!

Perfect mix tapes for every event
Create mix tapes for your next party in just a few clicks! Set the mood with fitting transitions and fades, pick a file format and sound quality and you're good to go. Casual party, wedding or other formal occasion - create the right ambience with Ashampoo Music Studio 2020!

Create playlists
Playlists allow you to play your songs in any order on almost any device. With its support for multiple audio formats (M3U, PLS, WPL, XSPF, etc.), playlists created with Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 are compatible with nearly every device.

Rip CDs quickly and easily
Turning music and audio books into a more space-saving form is a breeze with this music program. Thanks to a gigantic database, your tracks will be auto-named and fitted with the right cover art before they're saved to a format of your choosing.

Fast song renaming
Incomplete or inconsistent file names can ruin your song collection. Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 includes smart auto-naming based on customizable file naming schemes. Bring order to individual tracks or entire folders at the click of a button and save time and effort with this nifty feature!

Extract audio from videos
Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 quickly extracts audio tracks from videos. Whether you want to enjoy that epic soundtrack from your favorite movie standalone or turn sounds and quotes into ring tones – this music program will get the job done, and fast!

Useful tools for your sounds
Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 comes with multiple useful tools, e.g. to edit metadata, normalize songs or analyze your audio files. It's everything you need in one handy music program. Go check it out. You'll be amazed how quickly you can achieve great results!

Edit audio files
Not all recordings come out perfectly out of the box. That's where audio editing comes into play. The built-in editor not only crops or cuts files into individual segments, but also supports volume adjustments, including muting entire sections. Edit your tracks and produce the songs you've always wanted!

Record audio files
Ashampoo Music Studio 2020 also supports recording your own audio files on your home PC. Simply pick the audio source and click "Record". Afterwards, use the built-in tools to edit your audio.

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I never trust paid endorsements.
That is why I download from AudioZ first, no matter how luxurious and manageable they CLAIM.
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Yep !

Nothing against Sunny / the releaser
here, of course .
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Very big thanks for this one, Sunny.
This is an invaluable tool for someone like me, who has a music collection that has to be meticulously tagged and filed.

Update: Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't switch skins (I can on the older versions,) which wouldn't be a huge deal except that the default is some garrish, neon extravaganza that burns the eyes. Anybody else having this issue?
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