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IK Multimedia SampleTank Editor v4.0.0 BETA MAC/WiN UNCRACKED screenshot


Build your own instruments
SampleTank 4 offers a cutting-edge sound engine, streamlined workflow and innovative new features. For those looking to bring their own sounds into SampleTank 4, the new SampleTank Editor provides a straightforward tool that enables you to convert your samples to SampleTank’s .st4i and .pak format with professional, polished results.

From samples to libraries
The SampleTank Editor is designed to allow you to create your own Libraries and Instruments including sample files and Instrument and Library icons. It offers a straightforward, tab-based design to guide you in constructing SampleTank sounds, from the individual sample all the way up to the highest level of Instrument.

This free download is available to registered users of any paid version of SampleTank 4, and it can be downloaded from your IK User Area alongside the manual with handy checklists for both Instrument and Library creation.

Fast sample import
The Samples tab lets you import and automap samples based on their file names. You can use the standard SampleTank naming convention, or teach the Editor how to read your own custom file naming to more easily import large libraries of samples without having to rename the source files. Through the automapping process, the Editor automatically creates Oscillators, Zones and Elements.

Oscillator and Zone Editing
The Zone tab lets you edit Zones: a note and key range with high and low limits that contains up to 6 Oscillators. SampleTank Oscillators support round robin functionality for sequential or random playback of multiple takes or variations of the same pitch and velocity. The SampleTank Instrument Editor also gives you access to a deep range of parameters for both Oscillators and Zones for powerful sound design control.

Editing Elements
Elements are a complete “multi-sample” containing groups of Zones. In the Elements tab, you can adjust the pitch, volume and pan as well as the playback type (such as traditional resampling vs. resynthesis) and trigger mode (note on, note off or latch). Changes here affect all the included Zones and Oscillators.

Instrument-level editing
Use the Instrument Tab to manage all Elements in the SampleTank Instrument. Here you add your description, copyright, keywords and effects using the five available effect slots - SampleTank 4 offers 70 different effects, letting you easily add dimension, color and movement to your sounds.

You can also program the 8 macro knobs in SampleTank 4 to control multiple modulations or simply link directly to specific parameters. The Instrument tab is also where you specify the name of the custom icon to use for the instrument that will reference the actual .png file that you put in your Library Resources folder.

Create your Library
Name your library and add your custom Library icon here. Once you’re ready, you can export either a single Instrument or even a full Library of Instruments to SampleTank 4, and the resulting files will be written directly to your SampleTank 4 disk path.

SampleTank 4 will automatically rescan your disk path the next time you launch it, and your new Instruments or Library will appear in the SampleTank 4 browser alongside the factory content.

Now you’re ready to fire up your new Instruments, create Multis, use SampleTank’s Groove Players, and make full use of SampleTank’s engine to put the finishing touches on your signature sounds.

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Shouldn‘t this work with latest R2R keygen? There’s no need to patch it :)
Catalina users use:
sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine
to dequarantine plugins to open them.
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no, editor have own prefix for serial number.
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забыл про эту галочку, давно туда не постил =)
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Tank was the German champion, then came Kontakt ...

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