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Arturia Pigments v1.2.1-R2R screenshot

Team R2R | Sept 11 2019 | 113 MB
Pigments gives you the finest elements ever found in a software instrument, letting you create pioneering, exciting, and deeply personal sounds. Laying everything out before you, Pigments lets you fully express your creativity in a way that’s never been seen before in a software instrument.

Arturia promises that while Pigments can sound like other synths, no other synth can sound like Pigments. It is truly a 21st century instrument that will become the go-to choice for all producers, sound designers, and synth-fans alike thanks to its extraordinary features and tempting price. Pigments has some colorful tricks up its sleeve. In fact, it can do things other Synthesizers simply cannot do.

These include:
Scale quantized pitch modulations to build complex melodic sequences
Continuous unison controls that can be modulated, with classic and chord modes
Extensive waveshaping options for the wavetable oscillator, with great aliasing control
The usual modulation sources and some more unconventional ones like the Turing and Binary random generators
Powerful gate/retrig handling for modulators. Perfect to inspire unusual rhythmic sequences or self-generating patches
Polyrhythmic sequencer with a strong emphasis on randomness, with scale control to remain musical

Two engines in parallel: the best of both worlds
Virtual Analog triple oscillator engine
Complex Wavetable engine with morphing and import

Twin filters: dozens to choose from
Classic filters from V Collection instruments
Modern filters like surgeon and comb
Continuous series/parallel routing

Powerful effects section: an all-in-one solution
13 stunning effects, including wavefolder, overdrive, parametric EQ, and delay
Insert or Send routing options with drag and drop for easy switching
All the essential parameters can be modulated

Advanced modulation system: modulate anything with anything
Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based
Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random sources
4 assignable Macros to control multiple parameters at once

Visual interface: understand your sound
Graphical representation of the most important modules
Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive

Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator: get creative
Create complex, custom and evolving sequences or arps

Extensive factory preset library: learn from the masters
Hundreds of presets from awesome artists and experienced sound designers, including Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner Highlighted “notes” to show which parameters are recommended to tweak.

V 1.2.1

New Features

•Browser and Store GUI improvement


•Filter FM Source is now properly loaded when switching to the multimode filter
•Highlighted parameter remains now after swapping filters
•Various NKS improvements
•StereoPan FX Rate and phaser rate can now be be sync'ed to the DAW clock
•Microtuning mapping now references A note, instead of C
•LFO visualizer now shows the right position when modulating the phase
•Wavetable visualizer now displays properly with all graphic cards

R2R Notes

If you have problem with NKS, add C:\Program Data\Arturia\ to your plugins
dir in Komplete Kontrol.

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  Member 26.12.2015 35
Thank R2R
  Member 27.01.2014 11
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 16.01.2014 1 325
No requests please? Thanks!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1110 10472
You are not new here, so you should know that you cant request a release for other system as comment in a post.
  Resident 12.05.2011 157
Many thanks R2R and Horsemen
  Member 6.01.2015 305
arpeggio presets not working for me. says cant be open on this version of pigments. and to update to latest version. but i already have latest version
  Member 28.12.2017 2
Estimados, esta version se cae, les pasa lo mismo ? DELL I7, 8 Mb RAM, Windows 8, 64 Bits,

Dear, this version falls, is the same? DELL I7, 8 Mb RAM, Windows 8, 64 Bits,
  Resident 18.08.2018 72
quote by GagoCK8 Mb RAM, Windows 8, 64 Bit,

8mb ram is not enough to use serious new plugins. Regardless of what they say the minimum specs are. Add more ram and update to windows 10 and it runs flawlessly. Otherwise consider sticking with old plugins.
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1545
I think he ment 8 gb
Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Resident 10.07.2014 723
Basic CPU Usage Test

CPU - Core i3 9100f
RAM - 8GB 2400Mhz
OS - Win10 x64
DAW - Ableton Live 10

Dune 3 - 2.0 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
Zebra - 2.2 (11 voice unison, Polyphony - low, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
Hive 2 - 2.5 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
ANA 2 - 2.5 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
Ableton Wavetable - 3.3 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
Phase Plant - 3.6 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)
Pigments - 5.5 (7 voice unison, Polyphony - 3, Single Filter Modulated via Envelope)

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