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Arturia 3x3 FX 2019.3 CSE Fixed-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 03 August 2019 | 418 MB
3 Compressors
Comp FET-76 - x64
Comp VCA-65 - x64
Comp TUBE-STA - x64

3 Filters
Mini-Filter -
M12-Filter -
SEM-Filter -

3 Preamps
1973-Pre -
TridA-Pre -
V76-Pre -

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  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16391
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  Member 5.06.2017 23 2816
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  Contributor 2.11.2014 1709 9382
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  Resident 1.10.2013 4687 9346
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  Banned 3.08.2012 75 17870
  Member 3.08.2019 157
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  Member 5.08.2014 78
Will be interesting to see if these compressors time bomb like the last R2R release
  Member 13.02.2015 172
The R2R ones bombed? Is that true?
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 307
3x3 FX from R2R didn't timebomb for me.
Pigments did, but was fixed fast.
Good teams usually explain a fix in an .nfo and good racers usually disclose the information along with the release
Could be V.R. fixed their own release

Edit: Not even listed on V.R. site, so who fixed it?
Edit: ahh, it's that old. Right. Maybe it is legit V.R release then..
Still first time I see a "Fixed" VR release, they were called rev2,3 before afaik..
  Resident 31.05.2010 1691
Ok just wait and have you tried everything in that synth? B.t.w have you try to use any of the synths in the arturia collection?
Not the Analog Lab only?
Oh and the presets?
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 307
quote by Guitarmaniac64Ok just wait

For your prophecy to come true?
No, really.. for what exactly? If you know about something I or the community don't, why not share that information with all of us instead of pretending to know better and keeping it to yourself?
quote by Guitarmaniac64B.t.w have you try to use any of the synths in the arturia collection?
Not the Analog Lab only?
Oh and the presets?

Never used Analog Lab, what's that?

Dude, I used at least a hundred different presets from the other synths in my productions -> tweaked 'em good and resaved 'em to make 'em my own! I noticed some glitches during use, but as far as I know, most of them were bugs and lot's of them got fixed by Arturia. Did you clean up your system?

What presets do you mean btw? R2R included ones? Those that V.R. bundled with their releases? Or the unlocked presets that were shared separately? And what about those presets? Could be helpful to express yourself more clearly
  Resident 31.05.2010 1691
Not really a secret that Arturia hasnt been propertly cracked sinced version 4 just do a search and read the comments.
It used to work fine for me but now it just bombs i had to go back to version 4 i tried everything clean the register clean all files on system drive etc etc.
Every version after 4 doesnt work.
As for the preset i tried both R2R the s.c cracked ones that was released here and some other places.
As for VR i usually dont use VR but i installed some Arturia and i might think it really was the reason it bombed.
And revert back to R2R simply didnt help.
I am not so keen on doing a format (That always help if you really have problems) as i think Arturia sounds way more crappy now than it did before now it installss zillions of GUI files (it has gone from 100mb to over a GB in a few years) instead of improve the sounds
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 307
I've read lots of comments regarding cracked Arturias not working and I noticed that many of the users complaining had installed V.R. versions alongside R2R ones or did not even know which versions they were using. I mixed installations once as well once when I installed V.R. Pigments on another system next to V6 R2R. Still.. it never bombed. Maybe it was luck.

On my new setup I installed R2R versions only of Arturia Plugs (have all the latest ones installed atm) to try them out since they stated in their info that an other V Collection installation will conflict. Haven't had any bombs so far! Will watch out for bombs and stress test them plugs a lot, but I feel positive that they'll continue to work
  Resident 31.05.2010 1691
Noone has cracked arturia after version 4 every plug has some little fault or other strange thing going on
  Resident 12.12.2011 560
i only had problems with all v7 being R2R or VR, after a while it gets bombed, dont know the reason,and yes i use a firewall
  Resident 31.05.2010 1691
yeah that was the case for me aswell but after version 7 bombed 6 and 5 dont work anymore hmm
Strange and for me i dont even use internet so the bomb dont care about that.Arturia is a bit like Uhe but Uhe can be fixed if you go back or forward in time maybe that will work on Arturia havent tried it yet.
  Resident 7.01.2008 1108
BEST THANK Team V.R for this and the hardwork for us all.+++++++
Have all a nice weekend .......
  Member 17.04.2015 9 59
At me these plug-ins regularly hang and are frozen for several minutes. After that again several minutes work normally. Who knows what there can be a reason?
  Resident 26.02.2013 30 1253
quote by adidasAt me these plug-ins regularly hang and are frozen for several minutes. After that again several minutes work normally. Who knows what there can be a reason?

* In which DAW please ?
* On which OS ?
* ASIO mode ?
* CPU ?
* Sound card ?
' It's because the speed of light is greater than that of sound that so many people appear brilliant until they open their mouth ... '
  Member 17.04.2015 9 59
DAW - Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
Win 7 x64
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
Sound card - KRK Ergo
This problem only with these plug-ins. All other plug-ins work normally.

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