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Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 Elite Complete v2.2.8 Incl Keygen-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2019.06.07 | NUMBER : R2R-8068 | SiZE : 252.53 MB

Your tone is your identity – and sometimes nothing less than a custom setup can deliver the goods. BIAS AMP 2 is the ultimate virtual amp designer, authentically recreating the tone and feel of real tube amplifiers, while allowing you to mix and match components to create your ideal amp. You can use Amp Match to clone the tone of real hardware or a guitar track, or connect to the ToneCloud® to gain access to thousands of custom amps from artists and recording studios, or upload your own custom tones to the cloud. BIAS AMP 2 represents a revolution in virtual amplifier design, providing the tools to take your ultimate guitar tone with you anywhere, from the studio to the stage and back again.

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* BIAS AMP2 Elite
* Celestion Classic Pack
* Celestion Modern Vintage Pack

Do not use ToneCloud. ToneCloud is web service. If you really need it, buy
the software (and get the right to use the service). Some cracks available
from others claim as if they crack the ToneCloud, but it's not true. The
license validation in ToneCloud is done in the web server which means it's
not really crackable. All those cracks just ignore the server response which
invalidates the license.

1.PositiveGrid can update the server to reject the access from invalid
license anytime by updating server.

2.PositiveGrid can trace the user who used ToneCloud without buying.

No one can crack web related function(s) permanently and safely.


If app asks you to login, skip it.

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  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1390
thanks. win7 x64, plugin loading stucks on logo . ?
  Member 17.05.2019 2
for me too
PG FX and Pedal works great
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1390
i'm on win7 , my pc is offline, loopback adapter installed, still no luck. have all the required redistributables installed as well. anyone on win7 has the same?

not a biggie tho as i have brainworx and mercuriall and s-gear toys :-)
  Member 4.11.2016 37
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 27.03.2019 34
Same here on Win 10, stuck on load.
This release might be nuked soon... anyhow, respect to R2R
  Member 22.10.2018 390
Positive Grid BIAS Pedal Complete v2.3.2
Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 Elite Complete v2.2.8
Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Complete v2.1.1

All of them working. (Win 10 Pro x64, Cubase Elements 10, VST2 64bit plugins installed)
  Resident 20.11.2010 990
Searching for amps, windows 10.
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1390
win7 x64 plugin iz blank
  Member 5.06.2014 4
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 27.03.2019 34
quote by skydive65Same here on Win 10, stuck on load.
This release might be nuked soon... anyhow, respect to R2R

I quote myself, I think I know what's the problem : it might be an OpenGL/Graphic issue, since on the PC I'm working with, OpenGL is not supported ( onboard video), while on another PC, with an 1080 onboard, everything is fine...
For this issue, of course, R2R is totally out of responsibility...
  Resident 18.11.2017 1 445
I have a good graphic card and it is stuck on load
  Resident 18.11.2017 1 445
Does not work, only stays on the opening picture
  Member 16.05.2019 11
How does the keygen work? Do I run it anywhere, do I need to run it in the install dir?

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