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Waves Complete v2018.12.05 Incl Emulator-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | Dec 07 2018 | 2.73 GB
Waves Audio has announced the release of Sibilance, Flow Motion FM Synth and Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection.

Sibilance, powered by Waves' Organic ReSynthesis technology, is a transparent vocal de-esser that removes harsh vocal "s" sounds fast and at high quality – allowing you to make your vocals sound brighter without harshness. Thanks to its Organic ReSynthesis engine, Sibilance allows precise identification of unwanted sibilant sounds such as "s" and "sh," resulting in smooth, glitch-free, effective de-essing that maintains the timbre, duration and natural resonance of the original vocal sound.

Unlike most de-essers, which act like narrow-band compressors, the Waves Sibilance plugin uses Organic ReSynthesis spectral filters to identify undesirable bursts of sibilant energy, then completely separates the nuances of sibilance from the vocal signal, leaving the rest of the signal untouched.

Once applied, Sibilance's unique method of separating sibilant parts from the raw vocal signal allows for what would otherwise be extreme processing on the vocal track, such as aggressive EQing to drastically brighten a vocal.

With simple yet powerful controls, Sibilance takes only seconds to set up: Insert it on a vocal or voiceover track, and simply set the threshold and range controls to dial in the perfect amount of "s" reduction.

Waves Sibilance features:

Fast, powerful de-esser specifically designed for vocals and voiceovers.
Smooth, glitch-free removal of harsh "s" sounds.
Treats sibilant parts of the signal without affecting the color of the vocal track.
Easy-to-use threshold and sensitivity controls.
Sibilance detector powered by Waves' Organic ReSynthesis technology.
Sibilance detection graph to help you visualize the amount of "s" reduction.

Waves Complete v2018.12.05 Incl Emulator-R2R screenshot

Flow Motion FM Synth is a virtual instrument that combines the best elements of FM (frequency modulation) and analog-style subtractive synthesis in one powerful instrument.

Design deep basses, screaming leads, rich pads and growling FX with this hybrid FM synth, featuring a 16-step snapshot sequencer, rich presets, and an intuitive graphic interface that makes FM synthesis playful and easy.

The Flow screen eases your way into FM synthesis, with a uniquely designed graphic FM modulation matrix that connects four powerful mono/polyphonic oscillators with independent waveform and pan controls. You can easily modify assignments between the oscillators, using four independent floating LFO/envelope modulators with intuitive drag-and-drop manipulation.

The Motion screen lets you further control filters, amplitude, EQ and FX in a "traditional" subtractive way, for added power and flexibility.

The 16-step snapshot sequencer enables you to easily capture 16 different states of the synth and switch between them in real time. With 16 recallable snapshots per patch, you can quickly create sequences on the fly and in the flow.

Flow Motion FM Synth features:

Hybrid FM synth combining FM and subtractive synthesis.
Graphic FM modulation matrix with instant visual feedback.
1000+ strong preset library, including exclusive artist presets.
4 high-resolution oscillators.
4 flexible LFOs and envelope modulators.
16-step snapshot sequencer: sequence up to 16 recallable snapshots per patch.
Built-in note sequencer/arpeggiator.
Studio-quality FX.
Use as standalone instrument or plugin, in the studio or live.

Flux WPAPI Shell : v1.2.4.46771
Flux WPAPI Plugin : v3.5.29.46771
Sonible smartEQ live WPAPI : v1.0.1

* No Waves Central installation.
Official installer apparently have issues for some installations.

* Simplified R2R installer.

* Including all Waves products except Tracks Live.

* Integrated all Flux & Sonible WPAPI plugins.
Available from StudioRack, MultiRack and SoundGrid.

* Instrument Libraryies are not included.
Check our other releases.

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  Resident 3.01.2016 659
R2R Godfathers tank you. Sir Horsemen thank you and please check your PM. Thank you.
  Member 10.07.2014 254
Thanks Horsemen and R2R!!
  Member 26.05.2014 16
Thanks horsemen
  Member 5.07.2017 63
ohh new synth and deeser, nice! thank you masters!
  Member 9.02.2012 192
  Member 3.12.2013 82
does the new synth part of the bundle or we can install it separately? or is there any way we can select what we want instead of all of em?

Anyway thanks horseman and R2R :D
  Member 16.01.2014 224
Tnx R2R and horsemen
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Member 15.10.2018 17
oh well, gotta keep up with the updates, whatever could I do?
So crucify the ego before it's far too late
  Member 26.12.2017 3
In the NFO is says WiN32/64 - EXE/VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX , so does that mean the RTAS works in Pro Tools 10 ? As far as i know is Waves 9.6 the last version that works in Pro Tools 10.
  Resident 18.11.2017 1 394
I have decided to wait half a year before I update again....thanks anyways
  Resident 22.09.2015 2 471
You should have a look at this new flow motion synthesizer,it's really cool,with some unique features,like the snapshots sequencer.
It's the first synth from waves that I find really interesting.And it sounds nice and is easy for a FM synth.You can make nice sounds in few tweaks!Great!
  Resident 22.05.2014 74 649
Thanks R2R!

  Member 28.11.2016 472
none of these actually sound any good, all are worse than other alternatives, but thanks as always for the release! :)
  Resident 16.01.2014 193
are you saying suicide is the only option?
  Member 28.11.2016 472
No, I'm saying great mixes with better plug-ins are.

If you rate these then knock yourself out, your mix will suffer but who cares? You clearly don't.

Pros have moved on from using waves (and that's on tracks that were recorded sounding great already not most home/ITB users using waves), as everyone else makes better sounding analog emulation plugs these days. Waves sounds like trash. get better ears or maybe you should consider (Musical) suicide. Some of these plugs are 20 years old or based on 20 years old algos with trashy/harsh tone.
  Member 17.01.2014 414
Does someone knows haw to acces to Flow Motion FM Synth features 1000+ strong preset library, including exclusive artist presets ?

OK, i found in the LINE UP at right click LOAD
  Resident 9.08.2013 151
On info it says that instrument libraries are not included. This means that instruments like Electric 88 doesn’t have any presets or there where extra sound libraries that are not included ???
  Resident 18.08.2018 208
Best Plugins ever! Thanks a million!!
  Member 7.11.2014 27
It means it doesnt come with the sound library, you can download all the libraries for free from the waves website
  Resident 18.08.2018 208
I don't think that's good advice, I would never download from an official site and mix it with an R2R version.
  Resident 17.01.2012 10 506
Libraries are just sound files. I've downloaded them from official site and not a single problem ever. It's safe.
  Resident 18.08.2018 208
Yes I know they’re sound files but I would personally never do it. EZX’s are just sound files but they have to be authorized, Kontak libraries are just sound files but they have to be authorized, why would I want to tempt fate when R2R supplies the libraries that are tried and true? Libraries also have versions. If everyone downloaded sound files from the official site eventually Waves might realize what’s going on and it might complicate things later, why take the chance? To each his own.
  Resident 17.01.2012 10 506
These don't need any authorization and they're not protected. Otherwise R2R would mention it.

Quote from R2R NFO:

So no reason to fear at all.
  Resident 18.08.2018 208
I know these particular libraries are not protected but why would R2R even bother to upload them if you can just get them from the Waves site? As a general rule I don't do that but you can give Waves your IP address so they know who and where you are if you like, I'll just use the libraries R2R supplied, all good.
  Member 8.12.2018 2
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 25.11.2017 135
quote by Mud JonesBest Plugins ever!

  Resident 18.08.2018 208
yes best ever. If you can’t make a good sounding mix with this bundle then you don’t know how to mix.
  Member 1.11.2011 182
exactly. these are industry standard plugins for decades and are very well among the best, if there's even such a thing as "the best plugins"
music gear is subjective
  Member 28.11.2016 472
Just because they were around first and gained traction in pro studios doesn't mean they are the best, they were the best 10-15 years ago. These days they are trash, utter and complete trash, specifically anything trying to emulate analog (eqs and comps) is done so much better these days by almost every other plug-in maker. Not only done better by others, but waves plugs actually ruin your mix, unless it was already pretty much 'done' at tracking by pros (that's why you see pros sometimes still use waves because they aren't using much of them but non pros using a ton of waves plugs = disaster .. they harm the sound, they sound harsh and thin and make any source worse) If you can't hear it then you need better ears and more experience.

The best pro mixers have long since moved on from waves and use stuff from Kush, Slate, PSP, ELI, UAD and others.

Don't let ubiquity confuse your, it's like saying Adele or Katy Perry are 'the best' just because they are super famous and have lots of (stupid) fans.

Waves are the worst.
  Resident 22.09.2015 2 471
Mud Jones,exactly,your comment is the best answer possible to olymook.
Waves plugins are used for making many tracks released todays by great artists,even the big ones.
I your track suck the problem is you and not waves plugins.

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