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Native Instruments TRK-01 v1.0.1-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 13 June 2018 | 60.49 MB

Low end forms the foundation of almost all electronic music, so getting great kick and bass from the start makes all the difference. TRK-01 marries classic mixing techniques with innovative sound design, sequencing, and modulation, so you’re always inspired to write solid and exciting kick-bass combinations. Get your new tracks rolling quicker and sounding bigger than ever before – start with TRK-01.


The Kick module is built for versatility, ease-of-use, and expressive fun, and relies on a powerful combination of two sound layers: sampled or synth-based. Each layer has drive and a multimode filter (ideal for blending the low end of an 808-style kick with the transient crack of an acoustic sample, for example). The combined kick is further shaped using effects, envelopes, and sequenced modulation, and can be tuned automatically to a master tune setting, avoiding bass frequency clashes.


The Bass module offers total expressive freedom with a choice of five synth engines, allowing anything from epic super saws to underground sine subs. An innovative Ducker module lets you quickly apply creative sidechain-style effects or surgical mix cuts to the level, EQ, FX sends, and insert effects parameters. Like the Kick module, Bass features a number of modulators, and all parameters can be controlled by the step sequencer.


Independent step-sequencers for Kick and Bass each offer extensive sequencing and modulation controls – far more than traditional step-sequencers. Every step allows a number of controls, such as note-on, velocity, pitch, length (for bass), and gate. But the real fun starts with the step-modulation controls. Parameter Focus lets you draw in sequence modulation for any Kick or Bass parameter (filter sweeps, for example). Step Locks then allow any number of fixed parameter values for a given sequencer step: Simply click the Lock button for that step then draw in as many settings as you like – just for that step.


TRK-01 offers a range of tailored processing types and sound-shaping techniques, starting with a user-selectable insert effect for both Kick and Bass modules.

Delay and Reverb sends provide key controls in a simple interface, with additional features for huge creative potential.

Finally, two master inserts – a harmonic bass enhancer, followed by a saturation-capable compressor/limiter module – allow creative enhancement and performance-ready weight.

TRK-01 integrates seamlessly with KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE for even more expressive sound-design and enhanced playability. The layout of key TRK-01 controls mirrors the hardware layout, with intelligent pre-mapping of additional controls. Light Guide keyboard mapping enables intuitive hardware-control of powerful performance features such as hot-swapping of sequencer patterns and complete module set-ups for both Kick and Bass. Meanwhile, enhanced browsing, complete with instant patch audio previews, makes finding the perfect starting point even easier.

For use with: Runs in the free REAKTOR PLAYER or the latest version of REAKTOR.

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uploadboy link
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What's new???
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0.1 i assume nothing else then a bug fix for something . its stated nowhere in the forums
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  Member 6.04.2018 502
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sounds too metallic, but good concept...
thank you for the share!!
fashion is temporal / style is forever
  Resident 22.08.2013 35 138
Ehm.. so.. after using this plugin you will have no spectrum left to add other instruments because kick + bass takes up everything already....compressed, limited, boosted, saturated.

It leaves no room for other audio elements =)
.... I bet it is fun to play around with though.
  Member 22.08.2015 385
Is there really any plugin or any REAL way, to get REALLY THAT CLUB AND DEEP SOUND KICK and BASS or not?

I am searching and tried over almost 5 years and NOTHING was found to work and feel like that!
  Resident 28.10.2016 14 311
lol , you should follow a course how to get that sound, no plugin without experience and knownledge would help you
  Member 22.08.2015 385
Thanks for reply, question is did really exist any real course?
Any recommendation(s),... ?
I looked to many video tutorials also from here, but nothing found about this (real, not just "similar", "like pro", semi-pro or amateur).

Or "that sound" is simply impossible to do on PC ?
  Member 22.08.2015 385
... for example on this second video, presented here, really fine as a joke, I don't want be too much negative now here and please don't take me wrong, but I am not come here for joke VST plugins, but for really learn something, if possible for PRO stuff and create something witch is really pro, not "just like a pro" or JOKE.

And, someone just complain about "metalic" sound, so it mean for me it's AMATEUR stuff / VST plugin if having that issue!

Man on second video, looking as homeless don't make me laugh at all as that video is shitty as music there, really sound like shit, I am really sorry but you don't hear it, it's just me?
  Member 6.06.2018 5 14
Repel, you've really wasted 5 years looking for a good kick? Tell me you're joking man! Plugins are tools...and a tool is only as good as its user! I hope you're not serious about this...
  Member 22.08.2015 385
Of course not exactly, but really I am here for almost 5 years and really having a problem to have/found right gear/tools I need to have "that nice bass and kick" and bass & kick working together as we hear on many pro tracks.

It is not me only, I don't hear also many other people can make it on PC ...
So, where is a problem ? That type of "professional tools" exist for PC or still not ? Or we all doing something wrong ? But I hear there "something" what I don't hear on "normal simple home" production.
  Resident 23.12.2009 1 56
all i can recommend is get a good mixdown and then you have to get it mastered or try a bunch of chains on your master. most pros say what's hard is to nail the bass levels because most people don't have good enough low end to check the mix, so we over compensate in production. then you get to the club and realize the kick+bass dynamic is just not tight enough.
  Member 22.08.2015 385
losrombos Yes I agree exactly as you wroted... thank you so much for comment and recommendation!

- kick+bass dynamic is just not tight enough (exact my problem!) Somehow I adding too much but low dynamic and low it sounding when it is compared with "pro".
  Member 1.05.2014 36
Which daw do you use? Look into gain staging and having your daw set up like that from the start. This is useful
  Resident 26.11.2015 442
to get a perfect kick you gotta dump your girlfriend and focus all your time on it for a year! no but srs, u gotta have a well tuned studio room+nice pro speaker setup or else any plugins/gear used will probs sound like shit in the end anyway (and for any type of music/mix, bass is the hardest to tame in a mix/studio room; gotta get that one sounding perfect in your studio first! i spent almost 6 months and a lot of money to do this but it was worth it in the end). so i'm able to get a a favorable (not metallic) sound out of this trk-01 - but i spent at least 4 hours tweaking with it, not just skimming through presets and i was also able to go up into a well tuned club where my friend works and try my mix out in there to really tune my mix with the trk-01. anyway, imo the perfect kick is often actually a combo of several kick sounds layered together(i.e. you need a bit of snap: high end, some punch: a bit of mid, some boom: a lot of low end with tail - think the 808, one of the most famous kicks. it's got all that + subtle variation with each kick hit) along with subtle saturation on parts of your kick, subtle random pitch/filter variation, side chain compression(with the wet/dry dialed somewhat down) with more side chain compression on the other layers (fed from the kick) ... it's like making a crazy stew you have to experiment with many parts for many hours - srsly dump your gf(i mean, when you're a famous dj with your famous kick, you'll get laid all the time then anyway, amaright?)! and even when you have the "perfect kick", once you start adding in all the other layers of your song, the kick will need to be tweaked to make it more perfectly fitting. there is no "1 kick fits all" kick sound - only hours of work/perseverance without distractions(this is why i don't have internet in my own studio), lots of a/b comparison with other pro mixed tracks, taking ear breaks often, trying your track out on many different systems, and making a ton of mistakes along the way and taking the time to fix them(but being positive with yourself about it all - great results don't happen over night). beyond the trk-01, d16's punchbox is a really good kick plugin that i like and i've also seen pros use it on mixes that were played out in clubs. but honestly, all in all you'll only get as good of a kick sound as your patience and studio will allow(along with the focused time you spend with your plugins/mix in there).
make music, not walls.
  Member 22.08.2015 385
Ok, that answer I can accept as I personally have a same hard process and results after that time, of course every time I try I'm not got wanted results, but almost, I have it, so question is still not answered to me as I wish to know, maybe more specific question/task:

Did that process must be every time that hard ?
That long ?

Did here exist some "hidden PRO gears" which can "dramatically" help me with to shorting a that long time of processing for example? I understand that I also need to have some of "pro" stuff in my studio to have "that" sound,... Thank you for answer juxtaphon.
  Member 22.08.2015 385
So then my conclusion is that "pro" kick and bass it is hard to make, then, lol... And of course, EVEN, IT IS....hard to make, but I think is possible after all to create also with gear I already have in my PC.
It sound to me like I must just be persistent and strong!

Thanks for all you people who replied and commenting!
  Member 15.03.2014 3
That's like asking what running shoes you should use to get that real real and deep Usain Bolt's speed.
  Member 10.09.2015 70
haha, after installing this "gem" i tried to trigger it via my midi-keyboard....no sound at all. Took me 2 hours (i am stupid) to recognize that it works only with the internal sequencer. Sorry to say that but that plugin is nothing more but a toy. For me personally it is absolutely useless.
  Resident 17.04.2012 218
the ensemble could not be loaded, dont konw why
ok i updated the reaktor
  Resident 12.01.2014 172
pretty useless, way too limited. can't read midi, some patches have kick + percussion and you can't control what drum is hit when. the sequencer is barely that. oh you don't want the snare yet? too bad it plays right here no matter what.

really just a gimmick.
If you're able to correct me, then you understood me fine in the first place. prick.

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