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Windows, Mac OSX
Audio Damage EOS v. WiN/OSX screenshot
WiN/OSX | 18.03 MB
Eos 2 is a massive update our Eos algorithmic reverb. With an all-new entirely procedural GUI (featuring full Retina and Windows HiRes compatibility), a new cross-platform preset mechanism, a new reverb algorithm, the addition of crossover controls, the addition of VST3 versions, and a ground-up rebuild for future-proofing, Eos 2 is a worthy successor to our all-time best-selling plugin.

Eos consists of four high-quality custom-designed reverb algorithms, made with the modern production environment in mind. Three different plate simulators and our own Superhall algorithm give you a broad palette of reverb, and the easy-to-understand interface makes adjusting the algorithms to suit your track incredibly simple.

Want a traditional dark plate reverb? Eos can do that. How about a short, dense room sound for your drum buss? Not a problem. But where Eos really comes in to its own is when you drop Superhall on your piano or synthesizer tracks. The incredibly long modulated hall sounds of Eno-style ambience are where Eos thrives, something that is not possible with convolution 'verbs



1. Mix Lock button added. When active, preset selection does not affect mix setting.

2. OpenGL shader display removed, and replaced with meters. OpenGL was causing problems for users with older machines, and served little purpose beyond looking dope.

3. Factory presets removed from preset folder and baked in to plugin, to prevent intermittent permissions problems on OSX.

Bug Fixes:

1. Old version audio routing mechanism replaced with new style one; this will hopefully solve some problems people were experiencing with the VST3 instancing in mono.

2. Built with latest JUCE, VST3, AAX, OSX, and Windows libraries, for further compatibility and future-proofing.

3. Correct scaling for Windows HiDpi added; plugin should instance in correct size and aspect ratio no matter what your Windows zoom settings are, and will now render in HiDpi in hosts that support it (Studio One, Bitwig Studio)

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  Member 6.05.2014 319
mirrors? (edit: oh wait..sorry missed that!)
  Resident 31.05.2010 1702
Audio Damage EOS v. WiN/OSX has been exclusively released on AudioZ by somethin who chose to ask not to post mirrors.
Please respect the uploader's wishes.

What didnt you understand in that statement?
  Resident 8.08.2017 1 129
Not working properly, as soon as I press on the right arrow to go to next preset it crashes and instead of that "wave" thing in the middle I only see these four bars. But thank you nevertheless, I might go back to the older version and wait for fix.
  Member 13.02.2015 172
"2. OpenGL shader display removed, and replaced with meters. OpenGL was causing problems for users with older machines, and served little purpose beyond looking dope. "

Working fine here in Live 10.0.1 x64, but i too miss those funky graphics.
  Resident 8.08.2017 1 129
Ohhh I must be blind, thank you. Good to know there's nothing wrong with GPU drivers or anything else like that.
  Member 17.07.2013 21
strange, it will not load up into cubase, reloaded the previous version and no problem

  Member 2.09.2016 580
Best snare reverb ever!
My sudo is dead
  Member 17.07.2013 21
definitly something weird about this version on my DAW.... it installs ok into cubase but but does not open up, I have reverted back to v 2.0.3 without any problems at all .guess need to wait for the next update....fingers crossed

  Member 3.04.2016 14 144
Weird, works perfectly fine for me. But it's not that big of an update anyways, mix lock is whatever so I guess if it doesn't work for you you're not missing out much.
  Member 7.07.2015 94
It's crashing on ableton live 10 (osx - el capitan) by clicking on preset arrows.
  Resident 3.05.2011 1 206
This release only gives late reflections through the left output. And there are no galaxy bubbles going on in the GUI. (Live10, Sierra)
Previous version 2.0.4 is working great.
I really like this reverb. Smooth character.

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