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Windows, Mac OSX
Kuassa Efektor Modulation Bundle v1.0.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2017.11.17 | NUMBER : R2R-6419/6420 | SiZE : 26 MB/17 MB

Following the footsteps of our Efektor Distortion Bundle, the newest addition to the Efektor series we studied and examined more than 20 models of fabled modulation effects from the 1950s to the last decade. Modulation type effects are widely used by organ/synth players, guitarists, and studio engineers to add width, depth, and movement to the original sound. In this latest bundle, we collect the prominent ones and packed them into four devices.

Chorus FX Engine

Recognizable from its doubling effect, this type of effects are known as a standard built-in effect from gears such as the Roland Jazz Chorus amp and also the Roland Juno synthesizer.

Flanger FX Engine

Originated from manipulating tape recorders by slowing down one of its flange (hence the ‘flanger’ name), FL3606 creates a swooshing sound dubbed as the ‘jet engine’ effect.

Phaser FX Engine

Full name, phase shifter. Typically more subtle than flanger, but sounds like warbles coming from outer space. Often used on Rhodes electric piano, and of course by guitarists such as Brian May (Queen) and Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen).

Tremolo FX Engine

Probably one of the oldest effect applied to musical device. This volume modulating effect is known to be equipped on guitar amps such as Fender Twin Reverb or Vox AC30.

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  Resident 25.01.2012 2054
If anyone has code signing crashes in Logic try this:

Open terminal
And enter this command
sudo codesign -f -s -
Hit space, and drag the component or vst into terminal window
Hit enter
Enter your PW
And it will replace existing sig
BUT if you haven't installed X-Code Tools, you might get prompted to do so .
  Member 4.03.2014 8
when installing this I get this message " you need to add line below to your hosts file: see "r2r_is_against_business_warez.txt for more information". ... so how do you install this ?
  Resident 25.01.2012 2054
That is an r2r thing to block fake r2r sites I think so you would run their .cmd file that adds these to the hosts. It's included in some of the r2r folders on some of their stuff for windows,
  Member 4.03.2014 8
Hmm, thanks. Mine did not come with the .cmd file. All mine came with was installer, r2r read me file and keygen. I see you say other r2r items may have it, but I have not downloaded anything new in quite awhile. any small files you know contains the .cmd you recommend downloading ?
  Member 23.11.2016 2 68
Saxaphone is right. Run the .cmd file and it should add the line to your hosts file which will block a fake R2R site. You may need to run the .cmd file as administrator. Right click and hit Run as Administrator.
  Member 25.12.2017 44
First thyank you so much by this, but can someone tell me if everything is working okay with this?

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