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Windows, Mac OSX

P2P | 10 Oct 2017 | 281 MB
This is the Library update for Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

It is untouched and downloaded straight from Toontrack. Untouched meaning it is not cracked, however it is just a library update so it shouldn't need to be cracked.

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Superior Drummer 3 was redesigned from the ground up to introduce a completely new and improved workflow, countless added features and an unequalled amount of raw sound material. With Superior Drummer 3, you are in total control. Welcome to the future of drum production.


In excess of 230 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds in 44.1 kHz/24 bit
Recorded with an additional eleven separate room microphones set up in a surround configuration for a complete immersive experience
Playback in stereo or up to 11 channel surround systems
Approx. 350 vintage and classic drum machine sounds
New and improved scalable interface with detachable windows
Edit Play Style, Tap2Find, Song Creator and Song Track features as well as improved workflow and search functionality
Built-in MIDI grid editor
DAW automation for built-in macro controls
Support for keyboard shortcuts

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  Resident 27.08.2013 314
FYI - Need the 3.0.2 update before this can be upgraded.
  Resident 19.02.2014 277
Fix is coming soon.
  Resident 27.08.2013 314
Thanks for the info. I just wanted others to know it would not install with out 3.0.2 update.
  Member 16.11.2013 1 378
Yes - best not install until (or if) the program update appears.
  Resident 27.08.2013 314
FYI - It will not install until 3.0.2 is installed.
  Member 22.08.2013 116

Very Super! The Superior 3 !!!
Because I have a Mac! I still can not use this super-Supermarket3 software!
A dead giant if there is no keygen!
Someone save Mac owners!
Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me!
Thank you for uploading!
  Resident 20.11.2010 669
WIN.MAC? is mac version cracked?
  Resident 22.01.2014 53 1339
Long answer short, no.

The more in depth explanation is that we really don't know why. It has indeed been an enigma for the mac users here. Seeing as the library is available in mac installers, but the actual software and plugin are not. Maybe we will see this come christmas time? One could provide a lot of theories for what the situation is. Maybe it's still in progress and they're working on it as we speak? Right now it's just a very bizarre situation to many (particularly the mac users). But anyways, getting kind of off topic here so to answer your question, no. It is not cracked for mac.
I don't give my already spoiled dog more treats when he begs at the dinner table, I wouldn't treat WareZ users any differently.
  Member 29.03.2016 1 31
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 874 7246
.... soon would be nice

Nice would be that you respect the rules.......

You are not new here, so you should know that no requests are allowed as comment in a post.

You should comment only matters related to the content of each post.

On an other hand, there is a request section where you can create a post with your own requests.

You can access it using the menu at left:
>> submit new post
Once creating your post you'll see a list of categories on the right side, select "Request"
You're done.

I strongly recommend that you read our rules (click) so you can take advantage of this fantastic place.
  Member 18.01.2014 48
@Impressive - Thank you for your explanation. I've really been wanting this for Mac.
  Member 19.10.2015 1 170
thank you
  Resident 25.01.2012 1833
I hate these teases. Is it too much to hope for this for mac anymore? I think the actual crackers left out there must be a very small group. I wonder if there is a junior pitchshifter or hexwars in the making? It seems like people have lost interest in the challenge, and I don't really think it is because they perceive us to be ungrateful. If you take 10 people on any give subject, 4 will be outspoken and complain no matter what, 4 will be neutral and 2 will be over the moon happy. It's just the way everything is. The most vocal are always the naysayers. To decide on things based on them is hurting the bulk of any group. Nothing you can do about this. It is the same on any forum about any subject. It can not be taken personally.
  Member 17.10.2013 1 245
Correct. Nobody wants to crack Mac anymore. You're right. There is no interest. Because, Apple. Can't blame 'em!
  Member 29.03.2016 1 31
Yeah we hear ya but what Mac user would ever want to go back to Windows?? Yuck!
  Resident 22.01.2014 53 1339
Getting a little off topic here, guys.

*Enter Olymoon*
I don't give my already spoiled dog more treats when he begs at the dinner table, I wouldn't treat WareZ users any differently.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 874 7246
Yes you are right, it's going off topic,
even though , poster put this into win and mac section which is part of the reasons we see such comments.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 874 7246
Dr. Evil Ask crackers . LOL ..........
  Member 28.11.2016 153
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 31.05.2010 1352
Get real you've been here for years its a libraray update and its toontrack they ALWAYS irelease them as win/mac exactly like spectrasonic and tons of other devs aswell
  Resident 20.11.2010 669
Thank you Impressive, I asked because I saw WIN.MAC on the post. I already installed on a windiws machine, it´s working well.
  Member 15.11.2014 1 78
Hi, this update is working for windows, or we have to wait an update of SD3 3.0.2? Thanks
  Resident 19.02.2014 277
This library update not working for now but new VSTI update coming soon.
  Member 19.12.2011 73
quote by watersHi, this update is working for windows, or we have to wait an update of SD3 3.0.2? Thanks

  Member 15.04.2017 110
They say windows users are 10% happier than mac users. Those 10% can really make your life great. lol
  Moderator 21.01.2012 874 7246
When you decide to use a OS you must be ready to assume the consequences.
Unfortunately y see people that want to have everything at the same time ,
but life is made of ways, impasses and choices.

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