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Waves Clavinet Library-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | August 12 2017 | 594 MB
Accurately sampled from one of the funkiest keyboards ever created: the iconic D6 model Clavinet famous for its percussive playability and gritty sound.

The original Clav has always held a special appeal in funk, fusion, rock and soul music for its unique melodic twang and sonic versatility, from brilliant, vibrant, nitty and gritty to soft, rich, mellow tones.

For this instrument, we meticulously sampled every texture, articulation and hammer tip string-striking mechanic of the authentic D6 Clavinet in both the muted and unmuted modes, recreating all the dynamic control, feel and expression of the original funkified icon.

Using only a few controls, you can achieve an array of deep sonic textures, capturing the distinctive timbre of the Clavi’s unique single-coil pickups. Choose from the selection of factory presets, featuring patches modeled after Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Billy Preston’s “Outta Space” and other classic songs; or shape your own tones using the built-in auto-wah, amp overdrive and other effects.

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  Member 5.12.2014 3 145
what's the difference between them R2Rs
and those from the Waves?
The Impaler
  Resident 17.01.2012 7 338
There is no difference. Quote from R2R's note:

The library of sample based instruments are separately released by us.
You can even download from Waves official for the time being.
  Member 1.06.2015 8
is this just library ?
how can we use this ?
  Member 23.04.2016 2 402
Sounds amazing.. So it's a VST or something else ?
I don't need a Girlfriend....I have Internet & Food :)
  Member 17.01.2015 1 40
Sounds amazing? Hypersonic II sounds like 10x as amazing & is over 10 years old. Companies rediscovering same old shit to create revenue.
  Member 29.05.2015 223
This is the library. Ok .. but the vst instrument .. where is it?
  Resident 4.03.2014 71
You need to install latest "Waves Complete" first, which include those instruments.
  Member 29.05.2015 223
Ahh!! now it's all clear. Thanks Bro'
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3086
So This is Like a Expantion Pack Because When You instal it with Waves it Has Sounds alredy in it
  Resident 4.03.2014 71
It seems Waves removed most instrument libraries(just library files not instruments itself) with new release of Wawes Complete. So now those library files comes as separate download(in HD or SD version). So to answer your question; no this is not expansion pack but actual sound files, actual library files you need for instrument to work.
  Resident 30.01.2012 2068
Thats not true SD version comes with Waves Complete but if you want HD library you need to download this from here or you can download from waves site after you're login there
  Resident 6.09.2013 7 72
I'm actually glad they are doing the release this way now as it allows you to put the libraries on a different drive and not just the default install location on your c drive which has always bugged me.. Now they can go in the samples drive and waves prompts for a location when it cant find them. So this allows you to tell them where they are.

Thanks to R2R and the uploaders!
  Member 27.05.2015 11
Ok so I've installed waves complete and all instrument files. now I get prompt asking for samples folder. point to that and it still prompts for it again asking for .wir files which are in there. Am I missing something!!

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