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Inaudible V.1.97 - Audible files converter screenshot
EXE | 45 MB
This is a program designed to remove DRM from Audible files and convert them to MP3, M4B, M4A, FLAC, or other common formats.

InAudible is not an official program and does not have its own website. Use Google to find converting guides

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  Resident 15.08.2018 7 60
Inaudible also decrypts audiobooks from libraries that use Overdrive (nearly every library that has audiobook support uses overdrive, so if you dont have an audible account, get a library card...free audiobooks).

What makes inaudible different from other audio decryption tools is that it is not a realtime / sped up recording of the original file. Inaudible strips the DRM in the amount of time it takes to copy the file. The result is a copied file that is exactly the same as the original, minus the encryption (same audio quality, slightly smaller size because the encryption headers have been removed). This means, unlike other audio decryption programs like Audio Taxi, decrypting your entire audible audiobook library takes seconds to minutes as opposed to hours, and, you end up with an exact duplicate of the original audible file less the encryption.

To download your Audible audio books and locate them, you can use the Windows 10 Appstore app of Audible. Hit the start menu and type in Microsoft Store, then click on the Microsoft store to launch, the store. In the search box of the store, search for Audible and install. Once installed, using the start menu, you can type in Audible, and now launch the windows 10 audible app.

After logging in, in the lower left corner is a gear icon, this will open settings. Clicking the Downloads option in the list of choices will allow you to set the path for where books will be downloaded to as well as changing the quality that Audible downloads from standard to high quality.

Once you have set the path, now you can download your books from within the Audible app by using the library option in the main window, then once the book is downloaded, browse to the folder you set Audible to download to from within Inaudible.

Inaudible supports batch decrypting, in other words, you can download your entire library, select all your audiobooks, and decrypt them all using the settings you choose.

The most important settings in inaudible is the quality dropdown (choose True Decrypt to leave the books in the same format and quality as the original, it will not change the original file, just remove the encryption headers).

The checkbox "Remove Audible clips" (middle left side in the special options) will strip the "This is Audible" and "Audible hopes you have enjoyed this program" messages found at the beginning and end of every Audible book.

Under settings->Advanced Settings->Other (Upper right), uncheck the Create NFO option and check the Scrape Audible for added metadata.

Under Settings->Advanced Settings->Internal, uncheck Remove Very Small Chapters.
  Resident 25.01.2016 24 789
Does this affect audio quality?
  Resident 15.08.2018 7 60
No, the file remains exactly the same as the one you had from Audible, minus the encryption headers. In the software, when you choose a book to decrypt, there is a dropdown at the top that says Output Type. Choosing "True Decrypt" will keep the EXACT same file as the original with ZERO conversion. The software will simply remove the decryption headers. If you instead choose to convert the book to another format, be it wav or mp3, that will affect quality.

In addition, right around the middle of the page, there is a check box called "remove audible clips", this will remove the "This is Audible" and "Audible hopes you have enjoyed this program" found at the beginning and end of their books.

I just converted a book called Educated using True Decrypt and the Remove Audible Clips options, all other options were left as default. This took 24 seconds to complete. The original file was 354,435,340 bytes, the newly created file was 347,877,376 bytes. The reduction in size is due to the removal of "This is Audible" and "Thank you" messages and the removal of the decryption. Otherwise, the copy is identical to the original.
  Resident 30.11.2015 115
It seems very useful
  Resident 30.10.2012 28 443
so just wondering, besides audio books, what else would a program like this be good for using?
  Resident 15.08.2018 7 60
Since it was written to decrypt audible and overdrive audiobooks, nothing that I know of. However, there is a big need for this, even tho it is a rather niche product. Think about listening to an audiobook on an old device or one that doesnt have the Android store where you cannot easily (or at all) the Audible / Overdrive application. In addition, Audible only authorizes 5 devices for playback, so there is that aspect to consider as well. Of course, for me, we share audiobooks in my family. We all have Audible accounts, and it doesnt make much sense to buy the same book multiple times, so one of us buys it and the rest listen to it (since we all have similar interests). Probably against the terms, but hey, I figure, we'd do the same for a hard copy book. It is absurd to suggest that a family that is big into reading would all buy individual copies of a book.

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