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Software » Mac OSX
TwistedWave v1.11.3 MAC OSX screenshot
TwistedWave v1.11.3 MAC OSX
UNION | 6.9.2013 | 27 MB

TwistedWave, an audio editor for mac. Easy to use, fast, powerful.

TwistedWave is the ideal tool for:

Recording. Open TwistedWave, press record. That is how easy it is to start recording a podcast, a song or a concert. While you are recording, place markers with a single key to remember places you will have to edit afterwards. It is truly a good tool for voice over artists.

Mastering. Equalization, compression, limiting, you name it... From the hundreds of available Audio Unit or VST plugins, you will surely find the right one for the best effect.

Converting files. TwistedWave can read and write files in many different formats. Converting a single file, or a whole folder of audio files from one format to another is straightforward.

Batch processing many files. You load a list of sound files in TwistedWave, and it will automatically cut them, apply fades in/out, equalize, convert to mp3, or anything else.

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB v1.11.3 MAC OSX
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  Banned 14.05.2011 810 3880
Too bad UNiON did not crack the compatibility version 1.11.3 which allows older MAC-users to use TwistedWave. damn sad

  Resident 21.08.2008 89
many many thanks wink

pi2 ... yes
  Resident 25.04.2013 15 168

  Cleaner 22.01.2012 5465 2681
TwistedWave v1.11.3 MAC OSX-UNION | 27.01 MB


I will reupload any links. Write in PM

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