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Sonic Studio Amarra Vinyl v2.0 MAC OSX screenshot
UNION | Jan 15 2013 | 33 MB

Based on the same technology used by archivists for recording of analog and digital sources Amarra Vinyl brings together an extensive a set of capabilities. With a complement of processing starting with a double precision digital RIAA curve and Sonic EQ users can perform precise adjustments to timbre and spectral sound. The award-winning NoNOISE restoration tools have been used on thousands of major classical CD recordings and support the ability to create pristine-sounding high-resolution audio tracks for use with iTunes and other applications. Amarra Vinyl is designed specifically for the complete audio workflow of recording, processing, and restoration to the creation of individual tracks.

Digitize your albums or tapes using Sonic Studio Engine
Record Mono/Stereo Recording to AIFF or WAV (with metadata)
Supports all sample rates up to 192 kHz
Double Precision RIAA curve
Precise Scalable Metering
Drag and Drop previously=recorded files from Finder or iTunes

Powerful Audio Editing
Precision Waveforms for accurate display
Unlmited adjustable Fade curves (Cosine/Linear/Exponential)

Built-In DeClick and DeCrackle NoNOISE II
Remove ticks, clicks, pops, scratches
Two Types of Manual DeClick II repair tools
Restores the entire file or repairs a small selection with surgical accuracy
Double precision 4 Band minimal phase EQ with 13 Filter Topologies

Export as AIFF or WAV (with metadata)
Export single track or full album in one step
Export pristine tracks for Amarra and other music players

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Studio Amarra Vinyl v2.0 MAC OSX
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  Resident 25.11.2012 611
Thank you for this, Horsemen! And thanks Union, of course!
Lil' off-topic... Don't you think Sonic Studio really worked hard in order to produce the most disgusting GUI possible? =D
Oh well, as long as it's efficient... All good
"Dog knows what's Dog's" (Joe)
  Banned 14.05.2011 810 3879
Don't you think Sonic Studio really worked hard in order to produce the most disgusting GUI possible? =D

Yes it looks quite unpleasant! But the colors aren't the bad thing as today all developers seem to think "in gray" only. tongue

  Resident 26.07.2012 257
yep but there are 50 shades of grays ^^
I like the waldorf largo
and the sylenth1 skin that was posted looks like it
IMSHO I don t think people likes grey but they want to see the GUI as Hardware Stuff cause we re all geeks and the synth we had in my 1rst band was the EMS synthi A I loved that synth
And now if you look Kookaboo it s an amateur who did the best "Synth in a case" ens for reaktor yes
But I love the Windows Avs emulation just love lt
  Cleaner 22.01.2012 5513 2674
Sonic Studio Amarra Vinyl v2.0 MAC OSX-UNION | 32.04 MB


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