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Expert Sleepers Ultimate Bundle Mac OSX-Xdb screenshot
Team Xdb | 30.07.2012 | 16.84 MB

Augustus Loop AU VST v2.3.3 - x32/x64
Crossfade Loop Synth AU VST 3.2 - x32/x64
Little Spacey AU VST v1.0.1
Minky Starshine AU VST v1.0.11
Oomingmak AU v1.1.0 - x32/x64
Spectral Conquest AU v1.0.1 - x32/x64
Spectral Conquest VST v1.0.2 - x32/x64
Warbler AU VST v1.1.1 - x32/x64

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  Banned 15.09.2010 241
Just in time for my Voyager w/CV expander!!!
  Resident 31.10.2010 54
Same moog will now be controled while sleeeping. Thanks uploader
  Resident 26.05.2012 9 554
wink wink
  Member 8.03.2015 4 192
I really Like these Plug-ins

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