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LSRaudio COMPrime v1.1 Mac OSX-Xdb screenshot

LSRaudio COMPrime v1.1 Mac OSX-Xdb
AU 32+64bit / VST 32+64bit / RTAS

Download 7z file @

NOTE: Disregarding the fact that the developers say "MAC OSX 10.5 and higher"
all LSRaudio Plug-ins don't work on MAC 10.5.8!

COMPrime is a vintage channel compressor plugin for VST, RTAS and AU hosts on Mac and Windows.

* Natural progressive compression
* Vintage meter (displays gain reduction or output peak level)
* Adjustable tube gain, from subtle warming to hot overdrive
* Mono, stereo and multi-channel
* Low cut filter with adjustable frequency on the control signal

Control the dynamics

Adjustable compression parameters:

* Attack time: the time needed for a 10dB gain reduction increase
* Release time: the time needed for a 10dB gain reduction decrease
* Threshold: minimum level of input signal (after Pre gain stage) needed to activate gain reduction
* Ratio: amount of gain reduction applied to the output signal, from 1:1 to +Inf:1, when input exceeds the Threshold

Tube warmth
Hot and loud

COMPrime has a hot tube in it's core. It gives you the famous analog non-linearity that creates a warm and rich sound.

download from any file hoster with just one Zevera account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with Zevera.


  Resident 13.11.2008 1 35
pc please :)
  Resident 3.01.2011 9 2916
the Single Knob Series plugins are just like the waves one knob cool it would be interesting to see if they sound better thanks for this

this compressor sounds good thanks
  guest -- 0
Muy bien aporte, gracias
  Resident 25.02.2012 706
Thanks kookaboo, We Have Use in Macbook Pro v10.6.8!! headbang wink
  Resident 20.11.2010 587
Private download only?

Sorry, it was hiden. jajaja.

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