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SONIMUS SonEQ v1.1.1 AU VST Mac OSX (Freebie!) +Re-colored Blue skin screenshot
AU VST Mac OSX | 5.61 MB
SonEQ is a digital equalizer that takes parts from some vintage gear and combines them. SonEQ has 3 bands, bass, middle and treble. Also, SonEQ has a pre-amp section.


* 3 band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High.
* 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass.
* Preamp stage with bass booster.
* 64-bit floating point precision.
* Up to 192kHz sample rates supported.
* Mac Intel AU/VST

The software SonEQ is free, but the author is the owner of copyright. You can use all functionalities that the software offers without restrictions, for profit purposes or non.

Just drop the AU or VST plug-in into your Plug-ins folder.
If you wish to have the Original skin check the INFO link.

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download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Resident 4.02.2012 749
Gracias! wink
  Resident 14.11.2011 5 346
You know I really like it !!! Very easy and instinctive to use ! Thanks Kook once again ;)
Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters
  Resident 24.02.2012 699
Original Color Will Be Better... no
  Resident 13.05.2011 905 3730
Original Color Will Be Better...no

I prefer blue instead of the boring standard industrial gray! yes wink dance
H3llO AudioZ!

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