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Vertigo Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 MACOSX screenshot
Vertigo Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 MACOSX
ASSiGN | 23.2.2012 | 7.9 MB

We are giving away the VSC-2 hardware which we have modeled! The winner will be drawn February 29th, and every license used to that date will take part and has a chance of winning this "Mercedes of VCA compression". We also honor ALL existing customers from the Alliance webshop and the former Brainworx bx_shop, of course.


Its precision makes the VSC-2 a first choice for mastering applications and the stereo mix bus.

Tracking & Mixing
Although the VSC-2 was developed as a Stereo Bus Compressor each channel provides a complete set of controls which also makes the VSC-2 a dual mono “Must Have” in recording and mix situations.

The VSC-2 plugin offers the same flexibility and precision in the stereo version, and to emulate the dual mono approach of the hardware we have developed a true mono version of the plugin as well.

A Word From Vertigo
“We are amazed how accurate the plugin simulates the real deal. We have compared it to the hardware several times now in a professional studio and cannot hear any difference at all. Is that good or bad?!?”, says Andreas Eschenwecker, CEO of Vertigo Sound.

Version 1.1.1 (Jan 28, 2012)
- Resolved DAE/AAX AudioSuite incompatibility
- Fixed audio problems with certain licenses
- Fixed broken VST3 on Windows


download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 MACOSX
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


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Same here !!!!!!!!!! mates
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That's a good oneThanks !

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Orgasm! yes
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OH! This is a must-have compressor. Is not well sounding, more!
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Thanks guys

KRock you rock!! thanks for the mediafire link. unfortunately the downloads for the PC version instead of Mac. ;)
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thanks a lot
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AAX not working here anyone else? Everything else seems to be fine. Thanks by the way.
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Thanks! ProtoolsPro is right...AAX not working, but the rest are working fine!!
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phones AudioThanXXX! phones
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64 bit??

EDIT: Yes, 64bit is included.

Thanks! wink
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mates wink dance
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thanks i just saw this thankssssss and thanks for it working in vst
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Vertigo Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 OSX-ASSiGN
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Vertigo Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 MACOSX
ASSiGN | 23.2.2012 | 7.9 MB


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Vertigo Sound - VSC-2 v1.1.1 MACOSX | 7.9 MB (use in USA): (use in USA): (use in USA):

I will reupload any links this site. Write in PM
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Pass: audioz

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Vertigo Sound VSC-2 v1.1.1 MAC OSX ASSiGN( + Extabit)
Download Link Here mates
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Re-shared April 13, 2012

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