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Guitar Pro 8.1.2-37 macOS [HCiSO] screenshot
TEAM HCiSO | 17 May 2024 | 1.07 GB
GUITAR PRO 8 is the ultimate guitarist’s toolbox and the leading software for reading and editing tabs. For 25 years, Guitar Pro has been helping musicians worldwide learn to play the guitar, compose songs, and transcribe and edit songbooks.

This new version of Guitar Pro offers many improvements and new features to users. This time, we have made our best to offer you a better product without changing the user experience.

→ Guitar Pro's features:

Play accompanied
Hit play and learn your favourite songs accompanied by the score.

Edit your scores easily with numerous editing tools such as scale and chord diagrams.

Craft your sound
Play with more than 100 instruments to create your own tabs: guitars, basses, drums...

Customize your tabs
Create professionally designed sheet music for your songbooks or students.

The Guitar Pro file is the most widespread and shared among musicians and guitarists worldwide.

Enlarge your repertoire
Subscribe to mySongBook to access thousands of scores for all levels directly in the software.

Learn faster, develop your technique and create your repertoire of songs by downloading any tablature online.

Learn songs without knowing music theory
Guitar Pro lets you choose your notation, whatever the instrument: tablature, standard notation, or rhythmic notation. No need to master music theory to learn a song.

Use advanced playback features
Metronome, visual countdown, looping, solo/mute, speed trainer... Guitar Pro offers many tools to help you learn.

Take advantage of the chord and scale tools
Guitar Pro includes libraries containing thousands of chords and scales to develop your creativity.

And many other playing features
• Use the audio player to accompany you and learn faster: loop, speed trainer, metronome, visual countdown, etc...
• 3 musical notations are available: tablature, standard and rhythmic notation
• Find hundreds of thousands of free tablatures on the internet
• Use the virtual guitar neck to find notes more easily and to visualize left-hand positions
• Import an audio track to make your file a real backing track
• And many others...

Compose complete songs, transcribe songs, and create educational content for your students. Guitar Pro has been the reference in tablature editing for many years. We continue to innovate in order to offer you more practical editing features to save you time.

Create tablatures with many instruments
You can compose for dozens of different instruments. Guitar Pro allows you to edit instruments from 3 to 10 strings, keyboards, drums, percussion, and much more.

Enjoy specific guitar technique notations
Bends, vibratos, slides, palm mute, let ring... every effect or notation element can be edited in Guitar Pro. Express your creativity to the fullest!

Use the audio track to transcribe faster
Import an audio track into your project to create realistic backing tracks. You can also use your audio track to transcribe songs more easily.

And many other editing features
• Set the number of strings (from 3 to 10) and the tuning of your guitars
• Easily set tempo, rhythmic signature and automation
• Use the chords and scales tools to compose more easily
• Use the command palette to edit faster
• Transpose or detune your scores at any time
• And many others...

Create backing tracks and emulate more than 100 instruments: guitars, basses, drums, pianos, ukuleles, winds, brass or traditional instruments.

Virtual effects chain
Reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, EQ, tremolo... Guitar Pro comes with dozens of legendary pedals to help you fine-tune your sound.

Mixing each track and mastering your project
Apply mixing and panning effects to each track to create a consistent mix for your song. Mastering options also allow you to improve the sound of your tabs.

Adding an audio track to your project
The audio track is an excellent way to make your scores more realistic. For example, you can ask your singer or drummer to record himself and then import his audio file into Guitar Pro to create a pre-prod of your future song.

And many other sound features
• Use the detune feature to try another tuning in one click
• Mix MIDI and RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) on any track
• Manage pan and volume automations to create realistic renderings
• Use the focus/unfocus mode to quickly isolate one track from the others
• Fine-tune the sound of each note to create more precise and realistic scores
• Mix each drum element separately
• And many others...

Create professionally-looking sheet music to edit your own songbooks or share your files.

The exceptional quality of the scores
Guitar Pro respects the standards of music writing and allows you to enjoy a very high resolution for your scores.

Use the design mode for a clean layout
The design mode allows you to set up each element of your score: spacing between notes, bar alignments, etc...

Setup all the elements of the partition
The stylesheet gives you the possibility to configure the fonts and graphic aspects of your scores to make them unique and professional.

And many other layout features
• Add detailed information about your scores (copyright, author, etc...)
• Display chord or scale diagrams on your files
• Add lyrics or indications on the score
• Align your bars easily with the new design mode
• And many others...

Use the most popular file extension on the market, download and access thousands of free tablatures on the internet, and share your work easily with other musicians.

Music teacher
Create your teaching materials quickly and train your students with interactive scores. Share your knowledge with an effective teaching tool.

Bands, solo artists and composers
Collaborate with other musicians and compose your future hits together. Guitar Pro allows you to move forward outside of your weekly rehearsal!

Journalists and bloggers
Edit the scores that will be published in your future educational pages of your magazines and blog posts.

Guitar Pro is not just for guitarists! Edit or play scores for bass, drums, piano, ukulele, violins and much more!

Learn to play in rhythm and accompanied by virtual instruments. Slow down the tempo, listen and visualize the score to progress at your own pace.

Influencers and content creators
Create, edit and share your scores with your community.

And many other sharing features
• File import formats: .gtp, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5, .gpx, .gp, PowerTab, MIDI, ASCII, TablEdit, MusicXML and audio (.mp3, .wav)
• File export formats: .gp5, .gp, .gpx, PowerTab, MIDI, ASCII, TablEdit, .mp3, .wav, FLAC, OGG, AIFF and .pdf
• Use the password file lock feature to secure your work
• And many others...

Access thousands of quality scores made by professional transcribers.

Subscribe to get access to a lot of "Full Score" with tracks for bass, drums, vocals and other instruments. Play solo guitar arrangements, and duets for voice and guitar in many musical genres such as Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country and many more.

New tabs added every week
The mySongBook team of transcribers offers you new content every week to feed your passion for the guitar!

Play accompanied by scores containing an audio file
Discover our new file format including tablature for all tracks and a backing track for the voice.

Access your tabs directly in Guitar Pro
The mySongBook library is directly integrated into Guitar Pro. You can access your files directly in the software. No need to search for badly transcribed tablatures on the Internet.

And many other features are available on mySongBook
• Access many arrangements: full scores, guitar and vocals, solo guitar, simplified songs, and scores with an integrated audio track to play along with a backing track
• Learn to play all the tracks of your favourite songs: rhythm and solo guitars, bass, drums, piano, vocal track
• Learn more easily with our simplified scores specially made for beginning musicians
• Access your mySongBook tablatures on the Guitar Pro applications for iOS and Android compatible with smartphone and tablet
• And many others...

→ What's new in Guitar Pro 8:

Add an audio file to your scores!
Play along with your score with an audio file such as a song or a backing track.

Enjoy practicing
Play along your score with an audio file such as a song or a backing track.
Relative tempo and detune mode are also compatible with the audio track.

Edit easily
Synchronize your audio file with your score to transcribe songs easily.

Share your knowledge
Insert an audio file containing a recording of your teaching instructions for your music students or your band members.

Focus/Unfocus track
Quickly amplify or attenuate the selected track to create a volume contrast with the other tracks.

Work on your rhythm with the visual metronome
Play with the new visual metronome and countdown displayed over the LCD screen.

Fix the tempo
Ignore tempo changes and automations in the score to easily learn new songs and riffs.

Change the relative speed
Press +/- keys to speed up or slow down the relative speed or fixed tempo of your song during the playback.

Lock the sound of the line-in
You can now lock your preset using the line-in to keep the same sound while changing tracks or even when you close a file.

Create the perfect guitar sound
Easily create your own effects chain and mastering with the new pedalboard.

Adjust the sound precisely
Customize the duration, the offset and the relative velocity of each note of your score.

Mix the drum set
Adjust the sound of the drum set and percussion tracks by setting the volume and pan of each element.

Pre-listen to the soundbanks while playing your tabs
Mouse over the sound presets to get an audio preview while your score is playing.

New design options
Move and adjust the placement of each beat. Align the bars easily with the automatic guideline.

New Stylesheet options
Set the spacing of the chords diagram in the score header, the systems, the staff and the scale diagrams. Customize the font of the music symbols. Edit the font and text of numerous score indications like: palm muting, slap, pop, rasgueado, pick scrape and more.

Scale diagrams
Edit and insert scale diagrams in your scores for guitars from 3 to 10 strings and up to 24 frets. Customize the diagrams by changing the shape, color and text of the dots representing the notes, and change the orientation of the diagram on your scores.

Nested tuplets
You can now create tuplets inside tuplets to create complex rhythmic patterns.

Piano fingering
Edit piano fingering and indicate sustain piano pedal.

Increase your productivity
The command palette is like shortcuts on steroids! Get quick and direct access to Guitar Pro's notation options to edit your scores and boost your productivity massively!

Dozens of commands available
Select and easily add chords and directions to your score with the "Expression Text" tool. Quickly go through Guitar Pro main features in the "Action List" and use them to edit your scores.

Apply 3 filters on the mySongBook song list to sort out the scores by genres, instruments/levels and types.

Audio tracks
Learn songs with our enhanced tab library. Enjoy audio tracks directly in your mySongBook tabs to learn easily and play along with your files.

And many more improvements...
• The contrast and colors of the interface have been adjusted to offer you a better reading comfort.
• Guitar Pro 8 benefits from an improved efficiency on Mac with Apple Silicon.
• Export your scores to PNG with transparent backgrounds.
• Export your scores to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
• The accuracy and dynamics of the soundbanks have been corrected and improved.
• Chords are now transposed with their names and fingerings.
• To find the files you are working on more easily, pin them in the recent section of the homepage.
• Edit quarter tones on tremolo bar.
• Show slash notation for drums and standard music notation.
• The numbered musical notation called jiǎnpǔ is now available.
• Show cautionary accidentals.
• Use decimal tempo.
• Diatonic transposition.
• Improved performance.
• And many others...

Release Notes

Supported Operation System:
• macOS 10.13 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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