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Beatskillz Sampler Emulation Bundle 022024 MacOS-Xdb screenshot
Team Xdb | AU/VST - x86_64/aarch64 | 256.52 MB


Beatskillz Sampler Emulation Bundle 022024 MacOS-Xdb screenshot
Here is the AK9X, the classic vintage sampler emulation. Imagine the warm, rich sound of those old-school samplers, but with a twist.

This plugin is a tribute to the iconic and legendary sampler of the past. It’s not just a basic emulation; it dives deep into recreating the soul of the preamp section, giving you that authentic, gritty sound.

But here’s the cool part: there’s a sample rate modifier control that lets you tweak the sound even further by setting the audio bandwidth.


Beatskillz Sampler Emulation Bundle 022024 MacOS-Xdb screenshot
Immerse yourself in the distinctive world of a famous vintage 12-bit drum sampler with our groundbreaking plugin, S12X.

Crafted using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and neural networks, S12X faithfully recreates the signature pre-amp and filter characteristics of the iconic unit.

Our advanced technology ensures that S12X delivers a punchy, authentic sound that closely mirrors the original vintage experience.


Beatskillz Sampler Emulation Bundle 022024 MacOS-Xdb screenshot
SampleX Version 3 brings you new features like – New LP/ HP Ladder resonant Filters, Stereo Width (imaging) Control (mono / M/S expander) & Our Dynamic Convolution System where we have sampled the real vintage samplers to get their exact sound at various levels.

Standard Variable Sample Rate, Bitrate, and an Aliasing Control (Shift) are also present. We have also added IR Machine on/off feature, POP UP value display for the I/O section, Filter Section along with 2 New Sampler Models.

Our team at Beatskillz went on a quest to study the actual circuitry and found each and every step right from the A/D converters, preamps, analog, and digital filters, and processes involved to recreate each stage and bring you a plugin that can not only emulate a sampler but many, and also lets you design your own sampler or vintage chip!

I n s t a l l N o t e s:

- uninstall previous versions
- install with installer
- allways block internet connection
- enjoy!

Be fair, buy after try!!!

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  Member 14.09.2023 1 55
Woah..thank you Xdb!!!
  Member 26.08.2023 189
the vet's work but not the Audio Units, at least not on m1 Sonoma

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