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Phil Speiser THE_LIQUID OSX UNCRACKED screenshot
Mac | 294Mb

I hate ONE-KNOB Plugins – so I had to make one. At least kind of…

For years now I was building the same pretty complex delay and reverb chains eventually leading to the professional results I needed.
Chaining countless plugins with complex routings became a task that killed my creativity every single time.
I wanna focus on how it sounds – not wondering where I can find the setting I wanna change or having to stack different tools that are simply not made for each other.
I always wanted one single smart plugin that i can put on any dry signal that will instantly give me a great starting point but also gives me the freedom to tweak every little detail if I want to.

I couldn’t find it so I made it. Get excited for THE_LIQUID.


Just pick a preset and adjust the big intensity button to your taste. Instantly turn your dry vocal, instrument or percussive element into a wide, exciting and expensive sounding signal. Don’t get fooled by the simplicity, all components inside of the plugin deliver the highest audio quality possible.
My benchmark was: Would I use this plugin on a record my life depends on? …you wouldn’t read this right now If I wouldn’t have exceeded my own expectations.


I said I hate one knob plugins right? So this is where the advanced mode comes in. Under the hood there is so much stuff going on that just makes sense. And you are in full control of it if you want to. I’m talking about different REVERB and DELAY algorithms, creative effects, graphical multiband eq, ducking, DAW synced panning, intelligent autogain….
In other words: I really made sure THE_LIQUID contains everything you could possibly need to get exactly the sound you want.

Switch between two completely different reverb algorithms inspired by my favorite hardware units
All the delay types you might need from classic to pingpong to unlinked
Intelligent AUTO-GAIN - don't get fooled by volume changes and keep your mix steady
Creative Audio Effects
Presets that actually make sense
Intuitive mixing features including a built-in multiband EQ
Thanks to supplier who wishes to remain anonymous, good luck teams!

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