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[dead] MOTU MX4 v2.2 AU RTAS MAS screenshot

Meet the new instrument plug-in powerhouse for your studio. Inspired by legendary subtractive synthesizers, MX4 combines several core synthesis techniques in a unified, hybrid synthesis engine that delivers fresh and vintage sounds alike.

Version 2 Features

More built-in effects
Built-in effects allow you to incorporate the effect into your programmed presets, rather than having to apply them separately. MX4 Version 2 adds a flanger, phaser and all-important reverb. All of these effects are CPU efficient and add a broad new sonic palette for you to work with.

Stereo Detune
Try this: load a mono preset in MX4 Version 2 and listen to it — a pad for example. Now click the stereo button and play it again. Hear how it widens? Now drag the Stereo Detune slider to about 30%. What you'll now hear is nothing short of huge, spread across the stereo field. Now set the Unison Multiplier to 4, and get ready for *really* huge...

Anti-aliased (band-limited) wavetables
MX4 Version 2 gives you the best of both worlds: MX4 version 1's classic wavetables are perfect for that sought-after, searing aliasing effect. And Version 2's new anti-aliased wavetables give you the pure, pristine sound of every included wavetable, even in the highest registers.

Hundreds of new factory presets
Version 2 delivers hundreds of new presets in a wide range of categories, neatly organized into sub-menus for easy browsing. Many take full-advantage of the hottest new features, like the pattern gate, arpeggiator and pattern sequencer.

Mods page
The Mods page represents an entirely new dimension in multi-synth programming. You now have unprecedented control over the sounds you can sculpt and design in MX4, all just a click away.

Pattern gate
Pulsating, rhythmic, hypnotic, groovetronic—these are just some of the words that can be used to describe the rhythm-based effects in MX4 Version 2. Leading off the many new rhythm-based features is the Pattern Gate, which slices MX4's synth section into programmable pulses that are tempo-locked to your host application. Control pulse shape, pattern, length and swing.

MX4 Version 2's arpeggiator gives you everything you need to quickly achieve the arpeggiator effect you are looking for, including the "as played" setting, which lets you control the order in which every note is played. Or go "hands off" with the hold feature, which continues to play the arpeggio even after you let go of the keys.

Trigger sequencer
Trigger an MX4 envelope rhythmically with your host application's tempo. Program any pattern you wish.

Gate and effects topology
Graphically arrange the signal flow of the synth section through MX4's two effects modules and the pattern gate. It's as simple as clicking and dragging.

Enhanced modifier key shortcuts
MX4 provides an innovative, "hands-on" approach to programming modulation sources and destination by clicking directly on the controls in the window with several intuitive modifier key shortcuts. The manipulation is so direct, you'll feel like you are touching the sound itself.

Pattern sequencer
The pattern sequencer gives you the means to rhythmically modulate just about any parameter in MX4, with pin-point control over every step of the pattern. Sure, you can apply it to oscillator pitch, but that's just the beginning. The Pattern Sequencer can be applied to any continuously modulateable parameter, like filters, effects parameters, wavetable index—you name it. This feature alone provides a entire universe of possibilities to explore.

Envelope follower
The envelope follower brings the outside world into MX4 by transforming the amplitude of any external audio signal into a control signal for use inside MX4, as either a modulation source or shaper. Guitar FX and filter FX are examples to get your ideas flowing, but MX4's modulation architecture is so flexible, you'll quickly discover entirely unique ways to dynamically interact with MX4's multi-synth engine.

New shapers
MX4 ships with five new shapers that will further refine your modulation programming: Invert, Transform, Sample & Hold, Lag Processor and Quantizer. These shapers can mean the difference between making a sound great to your ears and making it perfect.

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  Resident 13.01.2011 23
we have to singup for the plugins why can't we just download the file and then replace the plugins with the hacked one.
You can't catch me Im the stinky cheese man.
  guest -- 0
the (k) files not run audio unit error validation.
in mx4 2.2 have 2 folders why ????

please how made to install ?

thanks .
  guest -- 0
download and install the app and updates
download the hotfile app
copy the (k) files folder to the component, mas and rtas respective folders.
  guest -- 0
it doesn't work on Digital Performer 7.2.2 stop
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1416
Quote: extraserge
it doesn't work on Digital Performer 7.2.2

Nope only logic,protools, ive confirmed
  guest -- 0
Here's how to make it work in Digital Performer: Copy the "MX4 RTAS.bundle" file from the included cracks to:

HD/library/application support/MOTU/MX4. Worked for me.
  Resident 28.07.2010 55
So, how to make it work in RTAS version!

Thank you!

Sorry ! It doesn't work for me!
Can you fix it!
Or tell us how to make it work!
  guest -- 0
not run whith logic 9 AU
it's must have ilok key ?? for run ????


  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1416
Install the demo, and then the update, Then copy K plugs to proper folders Lass
If youre getting a ilok error re-install and start over youre not doing it right, it works
  guest -- 0
I Take it this does not work in Ableton, anyone?

  Resident 10.04.2008 9
Works on Digital Performer 7.2.2 Snow Leopard 10.6.6.
On ProTools 9 doesn't work, hangs.
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1416
Quote: MKul
Works on Digital Performer 7.2.2 Snow Leopard 10.6.6.
On ProTools 9 doesn't work, hangs.

BS works great on protools 9 K
  guest -- 0
This thing will work in Lion in Logic 9 but only in logic 32 bit mode and only if you force it in au manager and it runs as "incompatible" inside logic then. So very limited use.
  Member 29.04.2015 32 395
MOTU MX4 v2.2.2 AU RTAS MAS for MAC OSX + Crack
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