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UJAM Beatmaker EDEN 2.1.2 M393 (BM-EDEN) Proper [KiTTY] screenshot
KiTTY | 08.04.2021 | macOS | AUi / VSTi | 90,6 MB
Beatmaker EDEN is a dance music and EDM specialist, comfortable headlining any venue from small sweaty Berlin clubs to ginormous global festivals. EDEN provides the driving beats that keep the dancefloor full and party going all night long.

My release has working MIDI drag & drop and doesn't require an active internet connection, allowing you to stay offline on your production machine.


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  Member 30.11.2016 12 385
Good job bro .... Too bad for the AAX format that doesn't work (in the MORIA release it worked) but the rest is ok (MIDI DRAG & DROP....etc. etc.)! Thanks again!
  Resident 2.12.2019 305
Because the plug-in is modified, Moria didn‘t modify the plug-in.
  Member 30.11.2016 12 385
I figured it ... I analyzed the patch and saw the changes to the binary files. I tried to hybridize the two versions to get a working AAX Plug but it didn't work!
  Member 7.10.2018 13 265
dayum why hello there KiTTY thank you
a nice first release

may i ask why SIP has to be disabled? what alternation happens to which libraries/frameworks?
  Resident 2.12.2019 305
You don‘t and shouldn‘t disable it. All you need is to codesign and if you‘re on Catalina / Big Sur dequarantine.
  Member 8.04.2021 26 25
There are changes only to UJAM files. No system files are changed in any way.

billy123 is correct. In this particular case disabling SIP is not needed.

The installation instructions merely list common pitfalls that can potentially affect different versions of macOS, and SIP might be one of them, because it cannot be known for sure whether it considers plugin folders to be a sensitive location.

The instructions would be made more clear in the future.
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  Resident 12.10.2016 149
Nice work.
  Member 2.07.2014 134
Thanks you
  Member 15.10.2017 17
Working MIDI drag & drop is a real plus. Despite an error message on Big Sur with the patch (mounting system volume in write mode was difficult) everything seems OK now in Logic 10.6.1 and Live 11. Thanks again!
  Member 20.05.2014 472
[EDIT] Everything working fine in Catalina, thanks
  Member 12.01.2021 3
Great One, many thanks to Kitty !
Seems to work just fine for me, both the AU and VST version.

When i ran the patch.command, 2 errors showed up in Terminal, about 2 files not being found.
The solution was this:
After having installed Eden, open your DAW, let it scan for new plugins, so EDEN will be scanned.
When EDEN is scanned, it will automatically create the 2 files which were missed.
Then, close your DAW and run the patch.command.
There won't be any errors in the Terminal now.

OSX Big Sur 11.3beta3.
SIP disabled
Gatekeeper disabled
  Member 25.04.2014 160
Hi, the plugin is working. I am using only the AU version on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7. Running fine in Ableton Live 11 and REAPER 6.

Unfortunately MIDI drag and drop is not working even after using the patch command (which is really the main reason for wanting this version). I am well versed in working with k'd stuff. I installed this over the previous Moria release if that makes any difference.

Any help?

OK. Hmm. Zzz
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 571
1. Make sure you have command line tools.
2. Install
3. Replace the containers provided for AU, and VST
4. Run patch
5. Done.

Everything works great here.

PS: it wouldn't hurt to remove completely the previous release as there maybe something cussing issues.
Live life loud
  Resident 16.08.2010 19 557
Where do we put the index.js and *.ops files which are in the patch folder ?
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 571
Live life loud
  Member 8.04.2021 26 25
Run the patch command by double-clicking on it. No need copying anything manually. It's all in the instructions.
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  Member 8.04.2021 26 25
According to the screenshot you provided:

1. You are running the patch command that belongs to BM-DOPE and trying to patch BM-EDEN. I wonder why you expect it to work at all. Did you post in a wrong thread?

2. You are copying patch command to your desktop and running it from there. You cannot do that, it will fail.

Read the instructions inside iNFO again and run the BM-EDEN patch from where it is by double-clicking on it, without copying it anywhere else. The instructions never mention copying anything.
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  Member 24.02.2014 1
I had the same problem. Now I have it working.
First delete all the ujam stuff:

After that installing this new Kitty version worked!

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