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Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12 Instruments and Effects (21.04.2019 update) MacOSX screenshot
P2P | 22 April 2019 | 19.2 GB
An excellent collection of tools for any music production task. The widest possible range of ultra-modern means covering the whole cycle of creating and producing music - from sound design, sound and production to information, mastering and live performance.

Included Products:

Native Access v1.9.1

Absynth 5 v5.3.1
Battery 4 v4.1.6
Battery 4 Factory Library v1.1.0
FM8 v1.4.1
Komplete Kontrol v2.1.2
Kontakt v6.0.4
Maschine 2 v2.8.2
Maschine 2 Factory Library v1.3.2
Massive v1.5.5
Reaktor 6 v6.3.0
Instruments for Reaktor 6
Blocks Base v1.0.0
Blocks Primes v1.0.0
Flesh v1.0.0
Form v1.1.2
Kontour v1.0.0
Mikro Prism v1.1.0
Molekular v1.0.0
Monark v1.3.0
Polyplex v1.0.0
Razor v1.7.0
Reaktor Blocks Wired v1.0.2
Reaktor Factory Library v1.1.0
Reaktor Prism v1.6.0
Reaktor Spark R2 v1.4.0
Rounds v1.2.0
Skanner XT v1.3.0
The Finger R2 v1.3.0
The Mouth v1.3.0
TRK-01 v1.1.1

Driver v1.3.1
Bite v1.0.1
Dirt v1.0.1
Freak v1.0.1
Choral v1.0.0
Flair v1.0.1
Phasis v1.0.1
Guitar Rig 5 v5.2.2
Rammfire v2.0.0
Reflektor v2.0.0
Traktor's 12 v2.0.0
Enhanced EQ v1.3.1
Passive EQ v1.3.1
Vari Comp v1.3.1
Replika v1.3.2
Replika XT v1.0.3
RC 24 v1.3.1
RC 48 v1.3.1
Solid Bus Comp v1.3.1
Solid Dynamics v1.3.1
Solid EQ v1.3.1
Supercharger GT v1.3.1
Supercharger v1.3.1
Transient Master v1.3.1
VC 2A v1.3.1
VC 76 v1.3.1
VC 160 v1.3.1

Install Notes: Just install and enjoy!

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  Contributor 2.11.2014 1681 9207
Uploaded | Rapidgator | Rockfile | Uploadboy | Douploads | Katfile
  Contributor 11.10.2014 587 4371
Uploaded | Rapidgator
  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16068
Uploaded | Rockfile | Rapidgator | Douploads
  Member 29.07.2017 31
This is just an all-in-one collection, only a few are updates, most products were released long time ago. Thanks for this anyway!
  Member 22.10.2013 6 571
It's always nice to see this kind of compilations. Thanks
  Resident 4.10.2013 5 381
the Comment has been Removed
fashion is temporal / style is forever
  Member 22.10.2013 6 571
Again, saying stupid things. Respect the Mac Users
  Resident 26.07.2012 230
@papawine Mind Your Mouth Mac users Have This For some times Now It is All Over Russia
  Resident 16.02.2012 248
Are you doing it again?! It is against the rules for such off topic comments! And you are not a new member here. You are stalking Mac release threads and you need to stop that behavior!
  Member 29.11.2018 4
AAX inclueded? Does it work with legit pro tools 12?
  Member 22.10.2013 6 571
when being patched it will never be able to work in Pro Tools because it makes a check, only the plugins that have not been modified to work the Keygen
  Resident 13.02.2014 1 414
Does native Access work cracked? I tried once and it messed up my entire NI12 previously lol.
If it ain't loud? I don't wanna hear it!
  Member 12.04.2019 9
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 16.02.2012 248

Please respect and Read the rules...You are not allowed to ask for any kind of software on a thread.
  Member 12.04.2019 9
My apologies , i am fairly new here and was unaware!! wont happen again
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1257 11826
@TheElusiveSoul You are relatively freshly registered here, so I explain to you tthat you cant request a release for other system as comment in a post.

You should comment only matters related to the content of each post.
  Member 2.02.2014 2 39
the Comment has been Removed
Drugs / Rock n Roll /Bad Ass Vega Whores / Late Night Booty Calls / Shiny Disco Balls
  Resident 16.02.2012 248
It is against the rules to speak off topic on a thread...You should know better OldSkool.
  Resident 22.10.2011 10 754
I see of course there are no k'd files to replace.
These are totally ok to install? it will not give any activation pop up?
  Member 22.10.2013 6 571
Yes. No need to replace the plugs, they come with the installation
  Resident 13.02.2014 1 414
so far everything is cop esthetic I am not having any issues
If it ain't loud? I don't wanna hear it!
  Resident 23.11.2016 3 178
Can you select individual plugs during the install process?
  Member 22.10.2013 6 571
Yes, The plugins come individually
  Resident 25.01.2012 2456
Which ones are new recent versions?
  Member 22.05.2018 4 26
"Komplete.part 18.rar" seems to be corrupt. I have download it from several links and it says it is corrupt. Thanx anyways.
  Member 19.02.2014 1 51
It's either fixed or has been working the whole time. When opening files from here I tend to find Keka is the best for .rar, zip, 7z, etc... I've run into problem trying to use other programs.
  Member 22.05.2018 4 26
Thanks. I'll try Keka. I've been using the unarchiver and oftentimes I get warnings while it works for other people.
  Resident 26.07.2012 230
Well My source I have IS Torrent And it Seems that it has Been ALSO updated So No need to Download rar and SO
But Huge thanks to Sunny
  Resident 16.02.2012 248
Thank you Sunny! I own Komplete 12, but I know the mac guys appreciate you fore this!
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 454
Damn. That's a Boss up Sunny.

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