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Dolby - Complete Bundle : 60.2MB
Dolby products are designed for top performance and utmost reliability. All our products are compatible with the latest Dolby technology and are built by the same experts who engineered the codec. So you can be confident that your customers are getting a product that will deliver an amazing and unforgettable entertainment experience, again and again.

Audio professionals around the world rely on Dolby® technologies to create, mix, and produce surround sound and high-quality audio content.

Dolby Media Producer Suite (Network Bundle)
Dolby® Media Producer brings a new approach to mastering audio content for today’s disc media formats such as Blu-ray Disc™, DVD-Video, and DVD-Audio. It builds on the history of Dolby encoders and decoders while offering additional Dolby technologies and tools in a software package. Dolby Media Producer supports multichannel non-real-time encoding and real-time file decoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless™ formats via an intuitive user interface.
Dolby Media Producer comprises six separate products: Dolby Media Encoder (network version, includes five clients), Dolby Media Encoder Client (additional seats for the Media Encoder), Dolby Media Encoder SE (Stand-alone Edition), Dolby Media Decoder, Dolby Media Tools, and Dolby Media Meter. All products operate on the Mac OS® platform and work seamlessly together or can function independently.

Dolby Media Encoder Client – $250
Dolby Media Encoder combines powerful mastering features with comprehensive project and file management capabilities. It is a professional non-real-time software encoder that encodes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless™ formats. The encoder includes five Media Encoder Clients, enabling multiple operators to set up and submit jobs locally or over a network to a centralized server. The intuitive Mac OS® X interface simplifies preparation of encoding jobs through the local clients. Administrative control includes job status visibility and job scheduling. The encoder can be accessed via a standard browser from any networked computer within a facility. Additional Media Encoder Clients can be purchased to allow additional operators in a facility to set up and submit jobs.

Dolby Media Decoder – $595
This professional reference decoder provides decoding and monitoring of Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless™ formats. Dolby Media Decoder is designed to run locally on a single computer to provide playback and decoding for an individual audio room. It supports monitoring consumer listening modes including downmixing and dynamic range control; it decodes Dolby Pro Logic® II, Dolby Pro Logic, and Dolby Digital Surround EX™ formats; and it processes Dolby Headphone technology.
The decoder provides video transport control via standard 9-pin protocol for checking A/V sync with video during QC of either source or encoded files. It also supports synchronization of audio playback with Apple® QuickTime® video files. The decoder’s audio output supports Core Audio and ASIO formats for use with FireWire® input/output devices, or with other external or internal I/O hardware.

Dolby Media Tools – $595
This invaluable utility program can save time and money by allowing users to repair and update previously encoded Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD files without having to re-encode them. Features include metadata editing, file trimming, file splitting, timecode striping, file joining, and file verification. Through the file trimming, splitting and joining features, users can easily divide, trim, and append files. SMPTE timecode can be added to a file in which no timecode exists. It can also be restriped to replace jittery or noncontinuous timecode. As with the decoder, Dolby Media Tools is optimized to run locally on a single computer.
Release name: Dolby – Complete Bundle [K]

Note from crowley (Thank you)

use the complete App from original Dolby MediaEncoder SE Installer. Then, simply copy your cracked Dolby Media Encoder SE universal Binary exe (Package Content/MAC OS)over the original one... voila

Ah, when the Encoder outputs a no Slave Error, this has nothing to do with the crack. It has to do with Permissions and the original installer includes a fix for it. I dont know which file is it.But afer reinstall the Error is gone

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB[dead] Dolby - Complete Bundle [K] MacOSX
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Anyone can help me, how it work please?

Anyone can help me, how it work please? When I open dolby encoder client or dolby media encoder SE, I have a message: alert, check security failure. Help me please. Thanks
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Wow, i was hardly trying to crack it with succes ??!!

I hope it works...

DAMN...: security check failure ! Doesnt work

i had the same Error using XVX unpacer, so i assume "this" Release wasnt working at any Time for anyone

hopefully some proper Group will release it or the uploader can fix it ?

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Just click OK and it works. I have same message on Neyrinck Broadcast Code,but it is the same

And it pre-cracked,just copy them to any folder and from there start the apps
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No...a lot of Apps are crashing after using unpace-f (or -b -s -f combinations)
Ofcourse you must click Ok in the Pace window because thats how unpace works triggering the Protection

Dolby Apps are no working after unpace -f. But other Apps are working fine..Surcode etc
And the Upload here dosnt work too (security check)

However.. i fixed the Dolby Apps from here, it works fine

Im sure teh Uploader will make a own fix
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where i can find: complete App from original Dolby MediaEncoder SE Installer please

I have downloaded the package and always same error: security check failure, then click OK, then click new project and it cash with a rapport
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Ok heres the fixed (precracked)complete Installer of Dolby Media Producer Suite MAC OS-X
Dolby Media Encoder SE / Dolby Media Decoder / Dolby Media Tools

Run the Setup..thats all :)

-When you get a "non Slave Error" with the Encoder you have to reboot and reinstall "Dolby Media Encoder SE 1_3_5-10.pkg", the The Setup will fix it.
-The Standalone App works fine. But the Media Encoder can be used over Network to, Im not sure if its works with the my cracked working on it, however i dont think that anybody use the Dolby Media Client and Server over Network, also i cant test it.

Anyway im sure the real cracker of this will make a better/smaller Update soon

Link removed!
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Links removed! i get Security check error again on another MAC. Somethings still buggy

Just want to say that the Suite IS NOT CRACKED ! Theres is still Ilok Protection. After the 14Days Trial Period it doesnt work anymore. The Security Check Error comes again.
The cracked App /combination of original Files + crack) does not show the Ilok Autorization Window ...thats all :)
You can test it...set your clock 2 weeks later and it wont work anymore.

Hopefully someone is able to crack it.. as i say unpace doesnt work without additional work in the App or i have not enough Skills
Damn i was so happy sad
  Resident 2.10.2010 1 20
This has been cracked n a new release and there is a full installer with all paths and additional files as a proper release. That one has no security error. It also includes the Dolby Media Meter 2 Complete along with it..
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wow, where can i find it ? But theres nothing new..not in vstclub, nowhere ? I took a look in all Forums/Boards everyday over the last weeks and there was no new Release, so far i know, so i doubt there is.

i know only the .dmg from rutracker

But doesnt work too ,security check failure after 14 days cause its not cracked as i report above
  Resident 2.10.2010 1 20
There is a release by A-team. (The same guys who did Waves 7r15.) The site with the link went down. Will post it as soon as it comes back up.
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I would be so thankful when you do it...i really hope its real cause nobody else knows anything about it..
Which Site is it ? Which Name has the Release ?
  Resident 2.10.2010 1 20
It was shared at MSJ.
  Resident 2.10.2010 1 20

DATE....: 10-8-10
PROTECTION: Pace/iLok/Custom

------------------------------------ - RELEASE NOTES - -----------------------------------

This Contains:

Dolby Media Meter 2 v2.1.7
Dolby Media Decoder v1.2.7
Dolby Media Encoder Server v1.3.5
Dolby Media Encoder Client v1.3.38

Dolby Media Encoder SE v1.3.8
Dolby Media Tools v1.3.17


4.Enjoy !

Please Mirror this link. I will take it down in the next 72 hours.
Here it is:

Thanks to Dajjal at MSJ for sharing it.
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You are my Hero !!! THX !!
  Resident 2.10.2010 1 20
Crowley, Atleast now you know its real. smile

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