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Propellerhead Europa by Reason v2.0.0 r2 AU VST MacOSX-Defunkt screenshot
MacOSX | 54.16 MB
Europa by Reason is an infinitely powerful spectral wavetable synthesizer capable of morphing waveforms into sounds you didn’t know were possible.

Combining 30+ wavetables, 24 filter types, advanced modulation and powerful effects, Europa is capable of creating epic pads, huge chords, aggressive biting basses, and everything in between.

Get great sounds quickly with 500+ presets from leading sound designers, or load your own samples for limitless sound design possibilities.

Product details
Combining advanced synthesis with straightforward accessible controls, Europa can morph waveforms into sounds you didn’t know were possible — from traditional analog waveforms to complex, dynamic waveforms that respond to your performance.

At the heart of Europa are three spectral waveform engines. Choose from over 30 wavetable presets or create your own custom wavetables based on samples. Simply drag and drop your favorite pre-recorded synth, drum sound, vocal or even a loop to start exploring its hidden capabilities as a new oscillator waveform or even turn samples into advanced filter resonance curves.

Europa also features four powerful envelopes, three LFOs, advanced modulation capabilities, and flexible reverb, delay, modulation and distortion effects to make your patches not only sound huge, but mix-ready too!

Europa includes our advanced Spectral Filter for sound processing that traditional analog filters only dream of. Use the powerful harmonics processor to remix, rearrange, and recalculate harmonic overtones to create anything from experimental atmospherics to polished leads.

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  Resident 28.10.2016 14 311
thank you so much
  Resident 16.03.2014 1053
Cool for our Mac friends.
  Resident 28.10.2016 14 311
yes , it was first released for pc. and now for mac, everyone happy
  Member 8.08.2017 68
OSX Love Thank you
  Member 9.12.2015 2 96
that didn't take long
  Resident 20.06.2014 2 217
Good synth. Great sounds with no huge CPU load.
  Resident 22.10.2011 8 584
Too bad...doesn't work under Digital performer (Mac)
Won't validate.
  Resident 20.11.2010 891
Thank you.
  Resident 26.05.2012 13 946
Thanks! (if it works). Seems kind of small (54.1mb) considering the wavetables and samples it's supposed to contain but maybe I'm quick to judge?

*UPDATE: Here to confirm it's working in Logic Pro X 10.3.2 AND 10.4.1.

But the patch browser only displays 77 patches which I assume are the "demo sounds".
Upon clicking the folder icon (next to the "Patch Display"), I found that there are actually categories such as "BASS", "FX", "Melody", "Pads", "Percussion", "Plucks", etc. that you don't see in the display but each containing many more patches than the "Patch Display" showed... I'd say, from the looks of it (and without counting them) that there probably is "more than 500 presets" but I don't see them called "presets" in Europa. They call them "patches" unless I haven't found the presets yet. Weird that the "categories" don't show in the Patch Display... maybe a glitch in the crack or Propellerheads' design?
  Resident 26.05.2012 13 946
A million thanks (!!) for Europa (for OSX)!!!!!!!!!
  Resident 17.06.2013 144
Well done! Thanks!
  Member 24.09.2016 1 162
Woah that's amazing, thanks Defunkt and mattg
"Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them." -Louis Armstrong
  Member 2.09.2016 284
don´t validate here logic 10.2 Thanks anyway
  Resident 27.09.2013 314
Requires OSX 10.10, alas...
  Resident 11.02.2012 307
My jaw dropped as soon as I saw the word reason.

I was beginning to think that I can use reason again. I'm still stuck on version 5. Since the mods on my system I can't use reason. I know a lot of us here on the site can relate. Thanks again though guys.
  Member 10.01.2015 1 115
thank you for this release for MacOs!!! So nice to see new instruments for Mac coming...

I hope it will work with Ableton Live.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3244
Thank You Working in Cubase 9.5
  Member 8.07.2016 122
Perfect!! Thanks!
I hope propellerheads release "Grain" sampler for other platforms too.. ^^ :)
would be amazing!
  Member 15.02.2016 11
I'm having problems when opening projects that use Europa.
When I open something I previously made, as soon as I hit play Logic Pro X 10.4.1 crashes indicating it's because of Europa.
  Member 29.12.2013 -1
Link doesnt work let me know if anybody got woking one. thanks
  guest -- 0
Each and every link is still alive. Not sure what your problem is, but it's not the links

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