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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Milan Digital Audio Hauptwerk 8 v8.0.1.002 WiN macOS [UNCRACKED] screenshot
UNCRACKED | 20 May 2024 | 2.98/3.14 GB
Hauptwerk is a virtual instrument software for the Mac and PC, playable from MIDI organs, MIDI keyboards and MIDI sequencers from Milan Digital Audio. It offers organists the ability to play some of the world's finest historic pipe organs virtually in the home, studio, or house of worship. Hauptwerk is specialized software that accurately models every aspect of a pipe organ, utilizing samples of pipes recorded chromatically from the original instruments. Hauptwerk brings history into the future with virtual instrument technology.

Content: World Class Instruments
Play world class instruments and experience musical history spanning the centuries through virtually all periods of organ building. An ever growing library of instruments is available for Hauptwerk from countries around the world.

State-Of-The-Art software for State-Of-The-Art hardware
Hauptwerk is fully optimized for the latest generation of Mac and PC computers featuring 64-bit software and multi-processor and multi-core support. This means the best performance possible with your hardware.

Free Instrument Included
The 1907 Brindley and Foster organ of St. Anne's, from Birmingham, England comes with Hauptwerk to get you started right out of the box. 24-bit chromatically sampled pipes and a fully interactive virtual console come standard.

Historical Temperaments
Many historical tunings and temperaments are included with Hauptwerk, and can be recalled instantly from the organ console or via the control panels or menus. Original organ tuning is also available for instruments that support it. Furthermore, Inspired Acoustics provides 50 historical tunings and temperaments for Hauptwerk, available as a free download.

MIDI learn functionality and digital/MIDI organ compatibility
MIDI Learn offers a quick and easy set up for digital organ consoles without needing to know any complex MIDI settings. Spend less time configuring and more time playing. Hauptwerk is extremely flexible, and supports nearly all MIDI hardware, MIDI keyboards and digital/MIDI organ consoles. It's very quick and easy to set up, with no understanding of MIDI needed using "MIDI Learn".

Graphical User Interface control panels
Graphical control panels are available for use with touch screens or direct MIDI connections, offering access to Hauptwerk's key functions in easy to use displays.

MIDI recording
Hauptwerk MIDI recording captures your performances to standard MIDI files. Share your MIDI recordings with other users that own the same instruments. Simply record, load and play!

Powerful combination system
Hauptwerk has a powerful, fully-programmable combination system that works for all virtual instruments including those that may not have a native combination system.

MAC and PC Audio Unit and VST plug-in links
Hauptwerk includes Audio Unit and VST plug-in links for Mac and PC. Connect Hauptwerk to your favorite sequencer and add high quality pipe organ tracks to your existing projects. Hauptwerk supports up to 32-bit 96kHz audio sample resolution, Apple's Core Audio, and Steinberg's VST and ASIO technology - the standards for professional audio.

Multiple audio channel support
The Advanced Edition supports up to 512 audio channels. Additional audio outputs can be added as required with just a few clicks. (Requires multi-channel audio interface).

Pipe voicing controls
The Advanced Edition's pipe voicing controls allow customizing an instrument note by note. Voicing includes amplitude, tuning, EQ, tremulant, expression controls and more!

Multiple LCD panel support
Hauptwerk supports multiple LCD panels to display information about the status of controls including temperaments, transposition, organ loading, expression pedal positions, sequencer frame positions, recording status and more!

Console zoom and multiple monitor support
View the virtual consoles in full-screen mode and Hauptwerk automatically zooms and maintains aspect ratios to make most efficient use of your screen space. The Advanced Edition supports multiple console views for use with two or more monitors. Support for up to 16 consoles views is available for virtual instruments that include them.

Chromatic pipe recordings
Hauptwerk has the advantage over nearly all other digital organs by using full-length natural pipe recordings sampled chromatically, note-for-note, from the original instrument.

Milan Digital Audio Hauptwerk 8 v8.0.1.002 WiN macOS [UNCRACKED] screenshot

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previous "public" version was 4.2. It's time to make some magic with ilok. Please....
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There is no point in downloading this because it is paid the same as the official website. Retarded whoever posted this!

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