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Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Dmitry Sches Thorn v1.3.3 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AUi | VSTi | VST3i | 131.5 MB
Thorn was made to provide you with a great tool for modern electronic music production. The main goal was to develop a top notch software synthesizer, which knows everything about creation process of punchy, snappy and aggressive modern sounds. Simplicity, flexibility and effectiveness are the key principles of Thorn. Just take a short tour through the carefully crafted sound library provided by Thorn (600+ presets!). We hope it contains lots of sounds you might want to put in your mix right away.

The sound engine in Thorn is built on Spectral Synthesis method, which gives you control over the harmonics involved into a forming process of a final timbre. Three Harmonic Oscillators with an additional Harmonic Filter cover all the needs for producing of a very wide range of modern sounds.

Two analog modeled multi-mode filters with a zero delay feedback path provided to charge your sound and make it shine through the mix. Analog envelopes, LFOs and multi-stage envelopes can be used to modulate any internal parameter you would like to.

A set of 9 high quality effects polish your sound and breathe life into it. In order to provide more fun DS Audio implemented a pattern-based Glitch sequencer in Thorn. Today glitch-effects become an essential part of many electronic music genres and we hope you will find Glitch module very handful and inspiring.

Have fun with Thorn!

* Additive synthesis engine with spectral effects, harmonic filtering and FM, RM, PWM, Hard Sync support
* Analog modeled filters with sensitive internal saturation stages
* 3x ADSR, 3x LFO, 2x Multi-stage Envelopes
* 9 high quality effects
* Glitch sequencer
* Noise Oscillator with WAV-sample playback feature

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  Member 20.11.2020 299
Moria you are a madman!
  Member 28.01.2023 24
All Hail MORiA!
  Member 21.09.2023 1 216
thorn is a really cool synth. unique in its spectral sounds. the built in glitch / FX sequencer is an added bonus. Its a very powerful synth.
  Member 18.12.2016 64
  Member 19.05.2024 4
All Hail Moria ……..pls can we get the crispytuner
  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1139
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