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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Cymatics Shockwave Bass Engine v1.0.0 RETAIL WIN macOS-GTA screenshot
GTA | 18 May 2024 | 993 MB / 1.3 GB
SHOCKWAVE is an extremely powerful bass sample engine for generating heavy hitting & unique bass sounds.

When we created this plugin, our goal was to reinvent the entire process for dialing in the perfect bass sound.

This meant no more struggling to find the right 808 or bass - simply dive into SHOCKWAVE and instantly find something that fits your idea.

We wanted to provide producers with a plethora of unique bass possibilities to choose from and customize.

This includes a wide selection of bass presets, with fully customizable parameters to shape the overall sonic DNA of your low end.

What makes SHOCKWAVE special?
When it comes to your low end, sometimes it can be a bit dull to use the same old bass sounds.

It was a goal of ours to re-invent this part of the production process, with a tool like SHOCKWAVE to switch things up.

Inside, there are infinite possibilities for capturing unique bass sounds, which can be used for any scenario you find yourself in creatively.

With its easy to use interface, SHOCKWAVE allows any level of producer to jump in and instantly get fresh bass ideas for their music.

How does SHOCKWAVE work exactly?
SHOCKWAVE comes equipped with a vast library of 808 & Bass presets that are customizable to your liking.

This includes 5 customizable modules that allow you to shape the overall sound of your bass.

Width controls the stereo dimension of your bass within the mix.

Shape controls a set of Volume, Pitch, and Filter envelopes to sculpt your sound.

Filter controls a set of filters that mold the tone of your bass and remove unwanted frequencies.

Noise injects a unique, customizable noise signal that texturizes and conditions your bass.

Hype is controlled by the large central knob and adds saturation, aggression, and colour to any bass sound.

All available in an easy to use interface with customizable macros.

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  Resident 17.05.2013 69 68
WOW! Thank You GTA!
  Member 9.07.2023 20
Thank you GTA
Music Lover
  Member 25.11.2015 3 41
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 27.01.2021 45
I wish I could use this with Unison Bass Dragon
  Member 1.07.2020 28 46
I want it too
  Member 4.04.2024 18
Samples are at application support/ cymatics/ cymatics shockwave/ samples/ factory

And you can shuffles between them via the arrows at the bottom of the SAMPLE menu
ARM, Logic Pro, M1
  Member 21.10.2018 38
Thanks guys

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