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Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Brainworx Elysia Bundle 05.2024 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 172.5 MB
Since then, elysia has become a union of creative audio enthusiasts who have a clearly defined objective: The development and production of high-quality audio equipment featuring that certain something. Elysia do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. Their goal is to adapt their products to current demands in everyday studio life.

These are the fundamentals on which elysia products are built. The elysia name has come to represent the highest sound quality, the exclusive use of top grade components, perfect workflow and reliability, and the implementation of innovative features without voodoo, but with a real profit in daily usage.

elysia alpha master
elysia alpha mix
elysia karacter master
elysia karacter mix
elysia mpressor
elysia museq master
elysia museq mix
elysia nvelope

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  Member 30.08.2022 75
  Member 10.07.2014 633
  Member 28.07.2023 32
  Member 17.03.2016 192
young lady. no doubt
  Member 28.01.2023 24
All Hail MORiA! Keep up the amazing work.
  Member 21.09.2023 1 207
great plugins. they are pretty close to the hardware
  Member 13.02.2020 11
All in, nothing out, MORIa is doing the work of the year.
  Member 17.02.2024 3 203
He just can't stop!!!!!!
  Member 21.09.2022 6 257
That some good shit you on girl!
Keep it up!! 😜
  Member 19.03.2024 7
when you drop the maag I'll personally build a monument for you MORiA
  Member 27.01.2022 2 125
I stopped using the maag a few years ago - sounds harsh by modern standards. MORiA has dropped some much better EQs
  Member 1.01.2018 4 243
Hi Damann - I agree with you though I have only tried the small old PA maag, not this one (is there any difference in sound?).

Which modern one(s) do you suggest?
  Member 27.01.2022 2 125
The Maag EQ 4 is generically used on all their plugs (even the 2 is just a stripped down version of it). PA make some truly excellent EQs, the best being Knif Soma, SPL PQ, 3BT Kirchhoff, Lindell 80 Series (Neve), Amek 200 & the SSL channel strips, these are all way better than the Maag stuff. For air band replacement, the LTL Silver Bullet kicks the Maag's arse too.
  Member 1.01.2018 4 243
Great to know - I'll try those ones

How about the low end 3D - same EQs or do you have any other choices?
  Member 21.10.2022 34
SPL Vitalizer can be magical for both low end and high end, but you have to be veeeeeery careful with it cause you can easily go too far
  Member 1.01.2018 4 243
Thanks - I'll definitely use it
  Member 27.01.2022 2 125
Silver Bullet again for that dude but for those air & lo enhancers BX masterdesk pro & BX enhancer also do a fantastic job.
  Member 1.01.2018 4 243
Great - thanks!
  Member 1.08.2022 105
trying to uncompress the BX bundle and giving me a error with Keka pleas someone help really appreciate how you guys did it. by the way thanks Moria for everything
  Resident 28.09.2014 1 406
i just creamed in my pants
  Member 14.12.2023 1
MORiA on a legendary run right now
  Member 6.04.2024 19
Heil to King MORiA
  Resident 9.06.2013 3 1029
Congratulations to Moria for the entire PA collection, keep it up. Above all, congratulations to Plugin Alliance: first time i test their products and I'm shocked, the plugins are top class, I think I'll buy some of them
  Resident 8.01.2014 2 119
Thank you, Moria.
Your dedication to the Mac scene is really appreciated.
  Member 17.01.2024 2
Thank you, MORiA!
  Resident 7.08.2018 361
Works Great Sonoma 14.4.1 Bitwig 5.19 M1proMax
  Member 19.01.2014 24
  Member 12.10.2015 75
Amazing... seriously.
  Resident 6.07.2019 115
You are incredible MORiA!
Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏
  Member 17.11.2020 115
"Denis Goekdag" made some good presets for all of em. just google a bit. couldn't wait and purchased the bundle a while ago. since PA's is priced for 30.- ish on a regular basis which is ok.
respect and admiration to MORiA.

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