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Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor v1.5.1 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 30.2 MB
Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor - Tame your dynamics with tremendous tone and precise control

The supreme tycoon of master bus compression
Meticulously modeled by Brainworx after the instantly legendary hardware original, no details have been spared in crafting this digital version of one of the most musical and versatile compressors out there. A well known staple in the music industry, the Shadow Hills compressor easily tames even the most unruly and chaotic transients with flawless control and amazing tone. It’s no wonder that it has been the go-to buss compressor on timeless records by Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beck, Green Day, Coldplay and countless others.

Dual compression sections for unprecedented dynamic control
One of the key benefits of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is the ability to treat your signals with dual-stage compression, dialing in compression through either the Optical or the Discrete sections—or both for maximum musicality! In the Optical section, you will find the traditional Threshold and Gain settings, with a two-stage release time similar to what you would find on an LA-2A. Use it to easily shape your dynamic range and bring up the overall level. In the VCA Discrete section, you have a more exacting control over the ratio, attack and release settings, allowing you to fine-tune the compression response to fit a large variety of material.

Switchable output transformers for sonic variety
Further tonal character can be built with the three unique Output Transformers. Here you can toggle between each one to easily shift the tonal balance of the compressor. Choosing between Steel, Nickel or Iron will add distinct flavors commonly found in some legendary consoles: Nickel offers smooth lows with a polished top end and sounds great on more subtle and sparse recordings. The Iron transformer has a more colored sound, but still maintains a pristine high end with a small low end boost in the 100Hz range. It operates through a Class-A output stage that applies only even-ordered harmonic distortion, leaving you with a very musical sound. Finally, the Steel transformer has an extremely detailed and fast response with a subtle boost in the 40Hz range, which contributes to a rocking low end.

Brainworx plugin only features
To round out the huge features that came straight from the hardware, Brainworx went a step further by adding a Parallel Mix control, a Sidechain Filter and an External Sidechain option in the proprietary toolbar! The Sidechain filter can easily prevent frequencies below the setting from triggering the compression for ultra-tight sounding mixes. Try the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor now to experience a whole new level of dynamics management.

- Exacting emulation of the original Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor—approved and endorsed by Peter Reardon, the founder of Shadow Hills Industrie.

- A selection of three different types of output transformers - Nickel, which adds a nice top end sparkle. Iron which adds a little character in the mids, and Steel, which adds additional harmonic distortion.

- Separate Optical and Discrete compression sections for two-stage compression techniques.

- Stereo and dual-mono modes

- BRAINWORX Plugin Only features including Parallel Mix
, built-in Sidechain Filter, and External Sidechain

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  Member 20.07.2019 271 2276
Thx MOria!
  Member 28.01.2024 5
Damn MORIA thats a lot of plugins, thank you a lot.
  Member 9.01.2024 1 91
thanks moria. we're finally getting the maag plugins wwoooooooo
  Member 28.02.2020 3
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 10.07.2023 53
go for Elysia Bundle :D
  Resident 14.03.2012 12 168
Moria you unbelievable
  Member 19.08.2021 1 539
Yessss I prefer this green version on the mixbus
y'all got anymore of those plugins??
  Member 30.01.2015 50
I was wondering which one should I keep for main usage but I haven't tested both of them thoroughly . I'm curious why you prefer this. Is it less coloured? More? has any other differences? Thank you in advance
  Member 27.01.2022 2 115
This is tube & the red version is class A transistor. This is softer & smudgier, the class A is tighter & punchier. I've used the hardware & neither sound enough like it 2 b amazingly impressive but both are certainly very nice. I was very disappointed by the tube version when I bought it but the class A version sounds much more like either hardware versions so that's the version I use when I want what the Shadow Hills mastering compressor gives. The Class A hardware version was released as a limited edition improvement on the original version. I hope this is helpful.
  Member 30.01.2015 50
Thank you. Yes I've read it in the manual that was limited edition and improved but I thought it was just marketing. It was really helpful having an opinion from someone who actually had the opportunity to have the hardware as a standard for comparison
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2617
wait, since when SHMC has a tube version ?

The class A version is just using Class A circuit + high-end cables (Mogami) + special selected Lundahl transformer for the input section. Opto section is TB4 as usual, like LA2A, 3A. Discrete section is the usual VCA sytle like the SSL G Bus that also has no tube. Output section is 3 selectable transformers. Everything else is basically the same and both solid state design. Where is the tube ?
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 12.05.2024 18
Fantastic! thank you
  Member 26.11.2023 2
Super Mario, ooops MORIA!!!
Thx for all and for your amazing work
  Member 27.04.2014 58
Thank you
  Resident 7.08.2018 360
Works Great Sonoma 14.4.1 Bitwig 5.19 M1proMax
  Member 15.04.2023 17
Thanks Moria!

How do we get the presets for the VST3 version?
The AU version shows presets.

Using Ableton 12.
  Member 7.12.2022 2
Thanks Moria!

How do we get the presets for the VST3 version?
The AU version shows presets.

Using Cubase 13.
  Member 10.07.2023 53
Download shadow hills from official web site and then patch
  Member 26.11.2023 40
I recall aa few years ago there was a big debate about this not having oversampling. Has BX finally taken care of this in an update? I believe they claimed it is built in, but others posted clear evidence of aliasinfg in it I seem to recall and many refused to use it because of this. Whatever the impact, I would prefer to have at least 2x, 4x, and 8x setting to experiment with on my own. PA has OS in their channel strips, there seems no reason they couldn't impliment it in this case, but I see no mention of it.
  Member 4.10.2016 11
thank you MORiA

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