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Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance TBTECH Cenozoix Compressor v1.0.1 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 204.5 MB
The Three-Body Technology Cenozoix Compressor is named after the Cenozoic era, a time following the extinction of the dinosaurs. Packed with innovations, this mixing and mastering plugin is leading the charge into a new age of compressors.

Get the sound of 12 classic compressors
Cenozoix features compression algorithms for all essential elements of production including “Drum,” “Vocal,” “Bus,” and “Mastering,” but also algorithms that recreate the sound of vintage compressors, like “Black FET,” “Blue FET,” “Vintage Opto,” “Virtual-Mu,” and more, delivering the perfect balance of utility and versatility. This compressor plugin can handle all your compression needs, from tight and modern sounds to hefty vintage charm.

Apply distortion-free compression to your mixes
Ultra-fast attack and release times can lead to unwanted distortion when using existing compressors. The Cenozoix Compressor utilizes a warp mechanism to avoid these distortion effects, making it a top choice for peak and sidechain compression. Use it to tame harsh snare transients or create basslines that pump alongside your kick.

Reduce aliasing with low CPU load using ADAA
Traditional anti-aliasing methods, which aim to prevent high-frequency distortion, rely on CPU-intensive oversampling. Anti-derivative antialiasing (ADAA) is an audio processing technique developed by Native Instruments, originally used for waveshapers. Instead of depending on oversampling, it leverages advanced mathematics to reduce aliasing without the heavy CPU load. The Cenozoix Compressor is the first compressor plugin to incorporate ADAA.

Ensure natural and responsive peak compression
Many compressors use a static release time, catering to short or long transients but not both. The Cenozoix Compressor’s peak crest function dynamically adjusts the release time based on the nature of the input signal’s transients, ensuring natural and responsive control over dynamic peaks. This makes it a great fit for complex signals running through your vocal, guitar, drum, and stereo bus.

Gain nuanced control over your compression envelope
The Cenozoix Compressor plugin features a peak detector for quick transient response and an RMS detector for smooth compression. Using these detectors in parallel blends their strengths, providing both an immediate response and consistent compression suitable for complex audio material. You also have the option to leverage pure peak or RMS-based detection, best suited for individual track elements.

- 12 compression algorithms that recreate the sound of classic compressors
- 12 compression algorithms for common use cases
- Distortion-free compression
- Anti-derivative antialiasing (ADAA)
- Dual peak and RMS detection
- Release time that adjusts dynamically
- Odd and even harmonic generation

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  Releaser 26.10.2018 550 1149
Version 1.0.1 (Feb 21, 2024)

Bug Fixes

- Oversampling now works correctly. Fixed the issue that some internal DSP codes remain at the original sample rate instead of being initialized to a higher sample rate when oversampling is enabled, which may cause the missing low end.
- Fixed an issue with latency compensation which causes phase issues when mixing dry and wet signals.
- Undo in Logic now works correctly.
- Fixed the incorrect display of Hold parameter when reopening the GUI.
- Now knob fine tuning with Shift works correctly on macOS.
- New oversampling IR kernel that improves the sound quality while slightly increasing the latency.
- Now supports the gain reduction meter display in Studio One.
  Member 20.07.2019 275 2272
Woah PA products on Mac MORiA, you're the man!!
  Member 17.02.2024 2 118
Hi all, so first I just wanted to thank everyone, especially MORiA and iamdumb, everyone from U2B and R2R, for all the Mac uploads recently. Seeing how easy it is to install Wine and/or Wineskin, the keygens are cool too.

I've gotten multiple PA products to work ALONGSIDE LEGIT STUFF with no issues on my M1 12.6 Monterey (bx_enhancer, XTComp, and the Bettermaker). iamdumb and crackkingcole had some advice that made it go from stuck at the activation screen, to working flawlessly (see JammuAnd's bx_enhancer post). But there's one issue I'm still encountering SPECIFICALLY with the TBTECH stuff (this Cenozoix Compressor, AND the Kirchhoff EQ).

Every time I load up the Cenozoix or Kirchhoff in Logic (Rosetta enabled btw), the Activity Monitor shows a massive spike in CPU usage (10-50%) that does NOT go away. Not even after closing the project and letting Logic sit idle for 2 hours.

So here's my question. Does anyone know a way around this? So far, regardless of what I do (for EITHER tbtech thing), I can only get it to do one or the other:
-Works flawlessly, but eats up cpu in a way that is not normal (at least i don't think so? Lol)
-Gets stuck at the activation screen.


I am in NO WAY complaining. I am SO happy to see teams of people who are so dedicated to making these fantastic plugins available to others who may not be able to afford them RIGHT NOW, but still would like to try them out indefinitely in their current state (not for 7 or 14 days lol, like come on plugin companies. It took me YEARS of using some Native Instruments and Spectrasonics stuff before I actually turned around and BOUGHT it, not just for the sake of updates, but also as a way of showing my support and respect to the developers who made a genuinely good/usable product, not some expensive snake oil emulation of a compressor that has been remade 3,000 times.

ANYWAY lol. Thank you for reading if you made it this far! haha

(copied/pasted from the v1.0.0 post)
  Member 17.01.2024 74
I don't have M1 machine so I tested it on intel Ventura running logic 10.8.1 and did not experience any CPU spikes.
I understand that this is not the answer to your inquiry but I just shared the results in case somebody is curious about same issue on intel computer.
  Member 21.09.2022 7 205
I am running a similar setup with M1 under Sonoma. I also am running 90% legit PA stuff with those two in particular Cenozoix comp and Kirchhoff EQ being scene releases. I loaded the retro synth with both plugins on the same channel and found no issues. I also ran separate tests in Rosetta and native arm with the same results.
Try running in native mode to see if it goes away.
  Member 17.02.2024 2 118
Thanks for the suggestion man, I'll try this and comment again with the results!
  Member 17.02.2024 2 118
Yessir, native mode fixed it. Thanks!!
Unfortunately a lot of my Logic architecture I've built around Rosetta as a constant... think i'll just bite the bullet and disable it from use in plugin manager (so so hard for me to do xD)
  Member 17.02.2024 2 118
Ur a G moria
  Member 20.11.2020 274
Working in Mojave/Logic. Thanks Mora
  Resident 24.01.2012 222
Working nicely on M1 Ventura Logic 10.8.1.
Many thanks.
  Member 15.08.2021 1 112
Cannot thank you enough for the stuff you do for us.
  Member 25.06.2022 22
This is great!
Can I install this on top of the previous version?
Does this one include the presets now?

M1 Big Sur here.
  Member 14.09.2023 1 55
Idk why i dont like this comp.. it sound too compress,, high cpu usage,,
  Resident 18.08.2020 279
It can be heavy, it can be gentle.
It takes a bit of getting used to that's all.
The vari mu option is very subtle and it's hard to tell it's compressing till you look at the meters.
I've never known this before and I absolutely love it for vocals as there's zero artifacts.
I just use Waves Vocal Rider ahead of it to level things out a bit before it hits the compressor.
I'm on a 2012 MBP running Catalina and this compressor isn't heavy on cpu at all for me.
  Member 28.01.2023 1
Flawless! Thank you MORiA for all your efforts recently. Love seeing PA products for Mac users. We love you
  Member 26.12.2022 23
Thankyou so much 💓

This is Excellent
  Member 5.03.2024 1
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.01.2022 41
When i change window size error :
"Failed to write on file /Library/ThreeBodyTech/CenozoixCompressor/CommonSettings.json. Please eusure you are able to write this file."

Maybe somebody knows how fix it?
M1 Pro / Sonoma / Logic __last _Native
  Member 21.04.2014 25
Same here! I couldn't fix it neither!
  Member 20.02.2023 5 8
you have to change the permission of the entire folder Cenozoixcompressor to read&write not only the file

  Member 8.02.2022 26
This works like a charm, easy and simple installation.

AU and VST2 works perfectly on MacOS 10.12.6 intel
Logic Pro X 10.4.4
Ableton live 10.1.43

Thank you so much!

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