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Software, Windows
APU Software APU Loudness Compressor v1.9.0-TCD screenshot
TCD | 18 September 2023 | 8.5 MB
The APU Loudness Compressor plug-in is a compressor/expander designed to support modern loudness types (LUFS, True Peak). Typical compressors operate using only RMS and/or Peak units of measurement. But technology has come a long way since then and we’re overdue for an upgrade..

This compressor uses modern industry standard LUFS units of measurement to provide a far more transparent response which is connected to the way humans actually experience loudness. The entire signal flow of the compressor operates within this more precise understanding of loudness.

The plug-in user interface provides a more flexible alternative to traditional threshold-and-ratio style of compressor controls. Instead, source and target ranges of loudness can be configured and the compressor will either compress or expand as needed.

With learn mode enabled, the compressor will automatically adjust the source or target range to match the source material. This can be a great way to get started with the compressor and can be used as a starting point for further fine-tuning.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6671 13861
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  Member 31.05.2020 1 249
Every ~2 days a new update - SERIOUSLY ?!
Keith Don't Go!
  Resident 5.09.2017 74
If your current version works fine there's really no reason to update every time. I prefer an active developer than a developer that drops an update once a year.
  Resident 8.02.2016 191
Frequent update means your software is full of bugs and still needs to be developed, lol.
  Resident 25.04.2020 3 177
It means hes fixing the bugs instead of just leaving them there.. And also he has been implementing new features almost every update.

haters gon hate tho.
~ R2R ~ robinhoods of the underground
true RSA's all the waayy
  Member 28.01.2015 97
as he gets suggestions and what not on the GS thread he makes an update...
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2542
Version 1.9.0
Expand maximum loudness range
Improve Atmos histogram alignment
Fix histogram bucket range end text
Version 1.8.9
Fix auval validation failure
Minor fixes and improvements
Version 1.8.8
Transfer function raster type (compressor)
Fix layout issues, give manual range its own row
Exclude threshold from manual range
Center histogram buckets for channel-linked
Version 1.8.7
History and histogram rendering quality improvements
Fix settings tab parameters not updated in some cases
Version 1.8.6
Add Save as Default preset/theme manager buttons
Fix missing tooltips for preset/theme manager buttons
Fix histogram hold toggle location in visualization tab
Version 1.8.5
Fix missing threshold for alternate dynamic types in peak modes (compressor)
Minor gui improvements
Version 1.8.4
Reduced CPU usage for LUFS calculations
Reduced CPU usage during source/target range changes
Switch from bucket count to bucket size for consistency
Support manual BPM configuration in settings tab
Flip histograms to be vertical
Minor fixes and improvements
Version 1.8.3
Possible fix for OpenGL compatibility issues
Add error message when OpenGL >= 3.2 is not available
Version 1.8.2
Switch OpenGL from compatibility profile to core profile
OpenGL related performance optimizations
Layout improvements, auto/manual range configuration, show/hide thresholds (meter)
Version 1.8.1
Learn function for source/target ranges
Version 1.8.0
Fix default preset/theme migration
Cleanup button corners
Version 1.7.12
Various user interface improvements
Version 1.7.11
Improvements to visualization / threshold rendering (meter)
Version 1.7.10
Improvements to parameter defaults
Display ratio as source/target instead of target/source
Version 1.7.9
Improve texture compatibility
  Member 28.11.2021 132
quote by italoknoxIf your current version works fine there's really no reason to update every time. I prefer an active developer than a developer that drops an update once a year.

Yeah, it's good to see him developing it. I'm going to buy this next week before it goes up in price. I think it's about 20-30 Euros now. Heard lots of good things about it on GS.

Btw, it does install on windows 7 but for me it is unusable. The screen is blank and it crashes the host. Tried about 4/5 different DAWs. Going to test on Windows 10 before I finally take the plunge and pay for it.
  Resident 25.04.2020 3 177
On the website it does say min. requirements Windows 10, and Open GL 2.1.

It could be an issue with you GPU not being modern enough to run the visualizations?

For sure I bought it for 20$ the first week it came ou here on AZ, its really great at making things pop out. something like a snare that needs to pop out of the mix or vocals.

It also sounds great on a master bus, again just making things pop out without sounding too compressed.

EDIT: dev is super active too, I msged him about having an option to save default patches, and 2 days later he released an update and emailed me back personally to let me know! Respect.
~ R2R ~ robinhoods of the underground
true RSA's all the waayy

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