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Software, Windows
Variety Of Sound epicPLATE mkII v2.0 WiN [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 18 September 2023 | 26.9 MB
epicPLATE delivers a modern recreation of classic plate reverberation. It covers the fast and consistent reverb build up as well as that distinct tonality the plate reverb is known for and still so much beloved today. Its unique reverb diffusion makes it a perfect companion for all kinds of delay effects and a perfect fit not only for vocals and drums.

The mkII version introduces a slick new user experience, VST3 support as well as higher quality processing.

The update is available for Windows 32&64bit in VST2&3 format as freeware.

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  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2637
didn't compare, was kinda busy earlier, but just randomly added it to the track im working on and it stays. super smooth sounding. they nailed it this time, didn't like the last one.
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  Resident 26.08.2017 1 591
Thank you for your feedback
  Resident 24.07.2019 15 867
I can only speak for myself, but this is the only one of Variety of Sound's plugins that I don't really like. The reverb just sound too chorusy/phasy.

Might sound good on some sources and situations, but I haven't found one yet. There's no installation or registration, just drop it into your VST3 folder and load it in your DAW, so you can easily try it yourself to see if it's something you like.

EDIT: I compared it to EpicPLATE v1, and this one actually sounds a bit different. I thought he had only updated the UI and added HQ mode, but there are some changes to the sound as well. It's not a major difference, but it doesn't sound as phasy as before at least. Still not my taste of plate reverb.
  Resident 26.08.2017 1 591
Any type of feedback is necessary. Thank You
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1936
quote by izn444nzHas anyone made a comparison with any of the following?
Arturia, Valhalla, Soundtoys, Xenoverb, TSAR-1, Dreverb, TAL-Reverb4, Orilriver, RO-GOLD

Come on guy, really?
I'll skip the part where I ask *which Valhalla (etc.,) reverb you mean, and the part where I ask why you can't download a 27mb file and test it out yourself, and instead point out that this seems like a pointless question to me since reverb is wicked subjective, illustrated beautifully by both Stevie Dude & ArabianJesus' comments.
And if you mean is it quality, I think it's of good quality, and I like about half of the companies who make the reverbs on your list... but then, I'd bet there's others who might find this plugin falls short of their strict guidelines of what a reverb should deliver.
Seriously, just test it out.
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  Moderator 21.01.2012 2370 16089
I agree that there is no way to compare these reverbs. At least 2 of them that I use often, Orilriver and Valhalla vintage, can't be compared at all. I often use both for different tracks.
  Member 23.07.2022 1 13
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  Member 5.06.2013 3 201
I've been playing around with this reverb a little bit and I like it very much!
I think the more similar in terms of tone to this plate reverb is UVI's plate (the gold preset). Wonderful on vocals, guitars, EPs and drums, with the high quality and the drive activated it sounds just right. Worth a try imho!
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  Member 23.02.2016 1 210
Well, if you compare it, you should compare it to similar plugins: plugins that attempt to recreate the sound of physical plates, not emulations / implementations of digitial algorithmic reverb circuits!

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