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Software, Mac OSX
Native Instruments Kontakt 7 v7.3.2 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | May, 31 | STANDALONE | AUi | VST3i | 808 MB
KONTAKT 7 is everything from instant inspiration for music makers to the industry’s leading instrument-building tool. For the seventh generation of KONTAKT, we’re bringing its 20-year legacy into the future. Find sounds easily with a new resizable browser. Explore new musical ideas and find fresh inspiration with an overhauled Factory Library, newly added effects, and under-the-hood audio improvements.

What's New

Version 7.3.2

Branding and shop link.
ADDED Link to online store for quick access to additional content
CHANGED Update to in-app branding

REQ: macOS 10.15 Catalina

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  Member 5.11.2013 17
Thank You!
  Member 6.11.2020 4 62
Thanks moria........welcome back
  Member 15.04.2022 100
Thanks Moria :)
  Member 6.11.2020 4 62
Thanks Moria, Mac users missed you.
  Member 9.09.2022 21
MORiA is back
  Resident 9.02.2020 13
Thank you but when I run the installer it says "Failure. No previous installation found. Please run the full product installer before running this update installer."
  Member 10.02.2012 213
You MUST install any of the previous Kontakt 7 (!!!)-Versions before, this is just the updater.
  Member 23.04.2020 79
Great! Thank You!
  Member 9.04.2014 1 232
Great work moria
  Member 9.12.2014 323
working perfectly on Ventura 13.4/Logic 10.7.8 (Apple Silicon M1/M1 Pro) – thanks again MORiA!
  Member 25.05.2017 25
Does anyone know how to fix my root folder library location issue?

Basically I have all of my libraries in a NI Content folder on an external drive, I've loaded them with the KITTY scripts. All but one, show up in Kontakt in the root "NI Content" folder instead of being displayed individually as their own separate libraries?

Image here...
  Member 4.03.2014 2 243
Does that release stay activated after you run native access?
  Releaser 22.10.2007 1873 1159
yes, stay.
ViP Team - true legends stays in history!
  Member 13.11.2020 49
Why even get this update branding and easier access to the ni store?
Ummmmmm useless in many ways to me lol
  Member 28.12.2022 38
thank you Moria
  Member 27.11.2016 68
Does this release have Moria branding inserted into the plugin as was reported on previous releases?
  Resident 12.11.2022 702 1219
the Comment has been Removed
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Member 21.06.2022 7
Yeah I wonder about this decision as well. With the latest RX (10.4) there's obvious crack-related branding right in the titlebar. I know there's no room for complaining when you're stealing from the dev, but I can only afford adding so many software purchases to my studio within a given timeframe. Software and platform/service subscriptions, gear costs, overhead etc. It means relying on cracks here and there till the cream rises to the top and you invest in it. The RX branding I'm referring to for example rendered the standalone unusable in case a client recognized the site name and the uploader's name in the titlebar. Wild West I guess so u can't complain too much at the end of the day. (like I guess I just did) - So that's enough from me. Thanks for all the hard work at the same time!
  Member 15.04.2022 100
It has a small branding if you explicitly click the about button (which says it's arm-64 version for me and Moria in like 6 point text .. it's barely legible and doesn't get in the way and isn't in the title bar or anything)
  Member 21.06.2022 7
For me, I wasn't referring to the the About view (in the other program I mentioned) I was referring to the title bar when it's first launched (ie with no file loaded). Off topic to the post here though - so moving on...
  Member 27.04.2019 419
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 7.10.2011 795
the Comment has been Removed
We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play, then we move like tigers on vaseline
  Member 28.03.2020 15
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  Moderator 21.01.2012 2251 15478
Please use PM for personal messages.
  Member 19.08.2021 365
Not liking the new logo for Kontakt, I know it's inline with the Soundwide/Native Instruments rebranding. But why couldn't they at least keep the shape of the logo and do the black and white colors? "KT" looks cheap.. Their NI logo literally looks like it says "AI" and it looks like the Kia logo... what are they doing!
  Member 25.12.2017 23
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.10.2013 7
If I run Reaktor legit on the same computer as this release will Native Access ruin my life?
  Member 12.09.2016 3
Thanks as always MORiA! Quick question to help a brother out, K7 shows all libraries active in the settings tab but they dont display when in the program...everything shows in K6, tried re-adding libs w/ K-script but nada, any ideas? cheers for the assistance!

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