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Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Vital Audio Vital Pro v1.5.5 LiNUX WiN macOS-ohsie screenshot
ohsie | 22 May 2023 | 3.17 GB
Spectral warping wavetable synth

Warp waves in new ways
Give new life to wavetables by using Vital's spectral oscillator warping.
Spectral warping acts on a waveform's harmonics and can create drastically different shapes and timbres from a simple source.

Customize your sound
Turn your own samples into wavetables by using Vital's pitch-splice or vocode wavetable converter.
Create wavetables from scratch using the built-in wavetable editor and even generate wavetables from text!

See everything
Vital is a visual synthesizer. See what's happening behind the scenes with animated controls, filter responses, waveforms, smooth LFOs, oscilloscopes, spectrograms and more.
All animations run at 60 frames per second and are GPU optimized which leaves your CPU to do its real job: the audio processing.

Connect anything
Modulate Vital's controls with a fast, drag and drop workflow.
Vital gives you a preview of the modulation before committing so you can quickly experiment without ruining your sound.

Design sounds with powerful tools
Modulate your sound with custom LFO shapes, snappy envelopes and randomized sources like perlin noise.
Give your sound some human touch with velocity, aftertouch and MPE control modulation.

Get deep into modulation
Use stereo modulation to split the left and right channels of every modulation to get extra wide stereo effects.
Then 'remap' the modulation curve to customize the shape of every modulation connection.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows: 10 and higher
MacOS: 10.12 and higher (Intel or Apple Silicon)
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above

System Requirements:
64 bit only
OpenGL 3 or higher

All credits go to ohsie88 for the release

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  Member 1.01.2017 55
this ohsie guy is a madman. thanks a lot!
  Resident 29.09.2017 521
He's a Top G!!! all respects to him
Keep going...
  Resident 8.03.2014 9 502
do what everyone should do...thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity
  guest -- 0
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  Member 14.07.2020 14 271
legend sir
  Member 2.01.2017 8
Is there a way to change the factory preset folder location (windows) ?
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2371 16090
Use symlink.
How to do a symlink:

1. Copy the folder to desired destination, then delete it (if you dont do this first, you'll receive an error message)

2. In an elevated command prompt write: mklink /d "C:\where ever is the folder you want to move\folder name" "where ever your folder have been copied\foldername"

That's it.

Or you can use a program to create symlink, like Link Shell Extension (LSE):
  Member 2.01.2017 8
Thank you - I was hoping to actually change it in like a Vital config file directly rather than symlink - only because the default location is in Onedrive, and I don't want to sync these files on Onedrive.

Default location is C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive\Documents
On Win11.

It seems that a symlinked folder will still sync in Onedrive, since it "sees" the folder as in the Onedrive folder. At least that's what it did when I symlinked earlier.

That's all I'm trying to do - prevent this folder from syncing in OD (to save space).
  Member 12.06.2023 34
This little app made my life so much easier. You can move whatever, Libraries, VSTs, etc to wherever you want. It will move the files and create the symlink for you. So far it has worked flawlessly for me. You can use it with anything. It's also a great companion for N.I products.
I haven't tried it with Vital Pro yet, but it should be fine:

  Member 21.07.2020 26
Thanks to ohsie88
  guest -- 0
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  Member 31.07.2014 378
Yesterday I installed and successfully tested text to wavetable, but today this feature is no longer available. Are you the same?
  Resident 21.08.2019 2 36
What's new? any release notes?
  guest -- 0
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  Member 30.03.2014 42
Thanks so much, man, however, I can't install the presets on mac, I followed your instructions but the presets are all greyed out.
  guest -- 0
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  Resident 17.01.2014 361
Put The Vital Folder In
Users/yourname folder/Music

All working Here OSx 10.15.7

Thanks @0hsie88
" You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough "
  guest -- 0
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  Resident 21.08.2019 2 36
ohh, thanks legend
  Member 28.02.2020 15 310
Why is it 3.17 GB? Am I downloading a synth or a Kontakt library?
  Member 27.10.2021 190
I suppose there's a large amount of wavetables that are 32-bit wav files up to 8 MB each, it all adds up.
  Member 28.02.2020 15 310
it makes sense
  Resident 17.02.2014 8 871
If you need a 5Mb Synth with a 7Mb sound library you are spoiled for choice. You find what you want but mostly you download what you decide to try. No one is forcing you here...
Anomaly is Something Which Deviates From the Standard or Expected;
It's an Irregularity Which May be Difficult to Explain Using Existing Rules or Theory
  Member 28.02.2020 15 310
all this writing and you didn't answer why is it 3.15 GB
  guest -- 0
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  Member 9.02.2021 1 378
You got your answer but there is another thing. I downloaded from another site and download size is 2.1 GB (extracted size is 3.4 GB), it means this release is not compressed properly.
  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 2.08.2017 62
OK .... so I was already logged in (I already had 1.5.5 installed so just copied the folders over) .... am I screwed?
  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 2.08.2017 62
Mmmm....everything seems to work fine as-is ..... what's the reason to stay logged out (sorry - just a bit confused what the ramifications are)

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