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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Phuturetone GR-8 v1.2.0 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 16 October 2022 | 20 MB
GR-8 is an 8 voices virtual analog synthesizer with built-in effects and an arpeggiator.

• Arpeggiator: 5 Modes (Up, Down, Alt 1, Alt 2, Random), 4 Octaves Range.
• Voice Modes: Mono, Unison (8 voices), Chord (4 stereo notes), Poly (8 voices).
• Voice Effects: Glide, Legato, Voice Detune, Voice Stereo Spread.
• Oscillators: OSC 1 (Tri, Saw, Pulse, Square), OSC 2 (Sine, Saw, Pulse, Noise).
• Oscillator Effects: Cross Modulation (FM), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Sync.
• Filters: Non-resonant High Pass, Resonant Low Pass (12, 18, or 24 dB/Octave).
• Modulation: Pitch Bender, Mod Wheel, LFO, 2 Envelopes.
• Effects: EQ, Distortion, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, Reverb.
• Presets: 88.

Caution: Each preset has its own MIDI assignment. If you make a MIDI assignment you need to save the preset. Otherwise, the MIDI assignment you've made will be lost as soon you change the preset. If you want to make your own presets with the same MIDI assignments, you can do it by assigning MIDI controls to the Initial preset, saving a copy of it, and using it as a template for your sounds.

VST3 (PC) & AudioUnit (Mac)


Change Log.
• Assigned Parameter Automation IDs (breaks automation compatibility with previous versions).
• Removed MIDI Assignments from presets.
• Simplified installation for Mac (one installer for plugin and presets).

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  Member 21.06.2018 15 5461
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  Resident 24.07.2019 15 744
Probably one of the best sounding free "analog" synth plug-ins. The delay and reverb are a bit sparse, but you can always add your own :)
  Member 7.03.2014 6 487
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  Resident 4.06.2022 13 471
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2267 15498
Home page link is in the post.
  Member 27.04.2022 362
Thats Purty.

It Loaded!
I changed the extension and it loaded in VST2

This dude makes WONDERFUL UI's. I dont know how to use reaktor.
Somebody should hire him at the very least to be in charge of that.
Give your whole product line a must own make-over.
  Resident 15.07.2008 283
Ahh a decent & recent stuff on the right collumn, sweet.
  Resident 9.12.2015 4 387
sounds very digital, still useful though
  Member 27.04.2022 362
I prefer the brightest sound i can get straight out of a synth to start with.

It seems to me that theres plenty of ways to mush and degrade teh sound.
Every crusher and tape effect and echo mushes it a little.
But its more effort to go the other way, if it can at all.
To squeeze highs and brights out of something that are not there.

You mean as opposed to an analogue synth or something?
Thats what sampled instruments are for IMO.
But they have those tube amp effects.
  Member 23.12.2013 183
No vst version for mac so not available for Bitwig !!!

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