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Software, Mac OSX
Boz Digital Labs T-Bone 2 v2.0.6 [U2B] macOS-TRAZOR screenshot
TRAZOR | Jun 24 2022 | 15.5 MB
One of the most important parts of getting a good mix is your ability to mix before ear fatigue sets in. This is why sometimes plugins that give you control over every little detail often lead to worse mixes. This is where T-Bone comes in. T-Bone is designed to be fast. Get in and get out. It gives you quick access to all the necessary tone adjustment tools that 95% of your tracks need. Adjust the brightness, focus, air and beef with simple and fast controls. And when you are done, you can check your sanity with the “intensity” control, which lets you dial back everything (or dig in harder) if you’ve overdone it.

Clean filters up to Nyquist without a CPU hit
During the development of T-Bone, Boz Digital created some incredibly smooth filters that don’t produce any of the disturbing high-frequency wonkiness. Boz Digital’s wonk-free filters not only give you a smooth frequency response up to the Nyquist limit, but also can do so without the resource-draining hit to your CPU that occurs with oversampled filters.

T-Bone—Just the Facts:
• Brightness, Focus, Air, Beef, High Pass and Low Pass controls.
• Intensity control for backing off or digging in.
• Clean filters up to Nyquist limit.
• Low CPU usage.

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  Resident 29.09.2014 1 279
thanks trazy love ya much
  Member 27.02.2022 84
Trazor how much to transfer you to PC platform ? Tell us your price !!! Cracking for Macs all these years must became boring , you need a change !!!!
  Member 24.11.2021 201
yeah because you PC people clearly dont have enough....
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 750
Trazor would need a change?

Everyone knows that it is always better to travel first class than economy!!!
 - ElMoreno plays LogicX on Mac - 
  Member 27.02.2022 84
economy ? you do think that PCs are economy class and MAC bullshit is first class ? hahahahahahahaha . Have you ever heard that a PCs performace depends of the hardware you put in ? More expensive and newest hardware , more money , more performance ! Also have you ever heard that a MAC is Faster than a PC because im not .... ? MACs are economy class when they bring out new systems every 5 years when PCs are updated every month !!! Macs are for people that they dont have any idea of Computers . If you know how to use and build a Computer YOU NEVER BUILD A MAC . Also you cant build a MAC when its fixed and the changes are some ram or hdds ...... The biggest FREUD ARE MACS but you will nεver understand that because you let others think for you instead of you .
  Member 24.11.2021 201
ah yes... the company that came out with ARM chips FIRST are the economy ones, LOL PCs are for poor cucks who wanna think they have money and also wanna listen to a fan constantly when making music... Id love to see your cute little machine run 20 instances of avenger without glitching like my M1 HIGH END FIRST CLASS COMPUTER CAN
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 750
ah aha aha aha ah aha... don't take it personally... it was just a joke.

For me everyone is free to use the computer he likes and gives him satisfaction, if for you it's a PC it's fine, if for someone else it's a Mac it's still fine.

The important thing is to make good music, not good transistors or circuits.
Do you agree with me?
 - ElMoreno plays LogicX on Mac - 

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