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Software, Windows
Waves Complete v14 21.06.22 REPACK WiN screenshot
WiN (Incl V.R Patch) | 21 June 2022 | 12.1 GB

What's New In V14
•New: Mix and Trim knobs added to our most popular compressors
Get better dynamic control, fast, in API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp & SSL G-Master Buss Compressor
•New: Faster load times
Improved loading times for plugins, presets, and sessions in your DAW
•New: Quick drag-and-drop preset workflow
Load presets faster with the new drag-and-drop workflow
•New: HiDPI graphics for select plugins
Abbey Road TG Mastering, API Collection, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, F6, OVox and PuigTec EQs now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs
•New: Standalone application for the CR8 Creative Sampler
Shape, manipulate and play your samples without a DAW
•New: Additional improvements
•New presets, improvements & additional updates. See full list of updates.


Speed Up Your Workflow With New Mix And Trim Knobs
Fine tune your dynamics faster than ever, with brand new Trim and Mix knobs for the API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp and SSL G-Master compressors. Now you can stay creative, quickly balancing volume and creating parallel compression in seconds directly from your plugin.


Known Issues :
• COSMOS does not work
• New Waves preset browser does not work

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 3186 8827
Rapidgator | KatFile | Nitroflare
  Contributor 2.11.2014 2415 11348
Rapidgator | KatFile | Nitroflare
Support me:
  Member 21.06.2018 14 3204
PARTs: 1GB or 3GB
  Member 10.01.2019 166
Can this also be installed over the old ( Build R 224933) version or do I have to delete the old version and install it here
  Resident 28.01.2016 3 597
the year is 2022, and waves just realized people might need mix and trim controls on compressors lmao

thanks for the share talula
⠞⠓⠑ ⠞⠗⠥⠑ ⠃⠇⠊⠝⠙⠝⠑⠎⠎ ⠊⠎ ⠝⠕⠞ ⠃⠑⠊⠝⠛ ⠁⠃⠇⠑ ⠞⠕ ⠎⠑⠑ ⠃⠑⠽⠕⠝⠙ ⠺⠓⠁⠞ ⠽⠕⠥⠗ ⠑⠽⠑⠎ ⠁⠗⠑ ⠺⠁⠞⠉⠓⠊⠝⠛
  Member 24.12.2020 1 37

It's also hilarious that they implemented it for just the compressors, as if it wouldn't be useful on literally every plugin that doesn't have it already
macOS 12.4 Monterey
M1 Max Apple Silicon 64GB RAM 32-Core GPU
  Member 10.02.2015 220
How about autogain? May be in 2032.
  Member 14.12.2020 1 59
And Oversampling in 2042
  Member 14.03.2022 8
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.04.2014 11
I seem to be getting an error when preparing to install anything. I've thoroughly cleaned up all traces of previous Waves installations too. Anyone else experiencing this?
  Member 23.04.2014 11
I tried to get around it by downloading the plugins from within WC. They installed fine but of course...the patcher is for the v13 plugins, so they are the only ones activated.
  Contributor 11.10.2014 3186 8827
Repacked the installers please try again. Waves probably shipped some plugins with error installations. Installing individual plugins worked fine here on the old one.
  Member 7.04.2019 1 66
same here, can't install anything from offline installer
  Contributor 11.10.2014 3186 8827
Use the latest waves central and try fix permissions. Also try with 4-5 plugins at a time.
  Member 23.04.2014 11
Still isn't installing. I've downloaded the repack and attempted various file & cache cleaning and permissions fixing. Thanks for the effort but it looks like the previous version is going to have to be reinstalled.
  Member 6.08.2016 9
Same here
  Member 25.03.2014 4 709
so, no presets at all?
  Member 20.09.2021 2 54
Do it still use wave shells or have the annoying waves logo at start?
  Member 10.08.2013 224
This release should be taken down. Thank you admins.
  Resident 24.10.2011 1 912
I'm going to avoid VR and stick with older R2R
I already lost hours trying to install their previous releases ...

Waves Central is a nightmare for legit ... and even more for w4r3z

Thanks anyway VR for all your hard work !
  Member 14.02.2022 12
I'll wait a little for R2R release.
  Member 14.03.2022 8
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 7.06.2014 239
When you're going to leaveWhenThinIt's been a long time since I've seen r2r version around here
não perca seu tempo, a vida é muito curta
  Member 18.02.2014 45
I think it's too big.
many people may not want to include the instruments.
because it's not necessary. right?
method 1. excluding the instruments
method 2. releasing 2 version of full and compact
shall we?
  Member 14.03.2022 8
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 22.05.2017 62
No need to bother with all this.You can download just the plugins you want via waves central and then activate with the R2R Emu. The drag and drop presets work too! You can even make your personalised offline installer.
  Member 24.12.2018 36
Interesting, you mean the older R2R from last release will work with updated v14 plugins installed from WC? Sorry, not enough coffee in me yet..
  Member 22.05.2017 62
the emu i used was from 2021 ....not sure if that was r2r's latest but it just works
  Member 7.04.2019 1 66
it works with V14 plugins? how to do that?
  Member 22.05.2017 62
Look at the comments about r2r emulator on this site It's possible that the emulator wont work for the most recent waves plugins but frankly I only have half a dozen in my offline installer and they are are older but still v14.

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